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Planning a Successful Move to Office 365 (English)
This paper outlines the security concerns of Microsoft Office 365 and will not only help you understand what those concerns are and what you need to know in order to make an informed decision about moving to Office 365, but it will also help you make the migration to Office 365 as smooth as possible once you’ve made that decision.

Intel Security and Siemens Healthcare Form Healthcare Cybersecurity Partnership (English)
Intel Security and Siemens Healthcare have partnered to design and build medical devices that protect vital healthcare data and patient information—without hindering performance. Siemens Healthcare products—such as Ultrasound System Security—now integrate Intel Security technologies creating safe and reliable medical devices. 

The Radicati Group: Corporate Web Security Market Quadrant 2015 (English)
This report provides market analysis for corporate web security solutions, revealing Top Players, Trail Blazers, Specialists, and Mature Players. Intel Security is positioned as a Top Player in this report. 

Automotive Security Best Practices (English)
This white paper discusses security and privacy issues in the next-generation car and how computer attacks are now a clear and present danger for car users, dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers alike. Computer security joins reliability and safety as a cornerstone for consumer confidence and continued success in the automotive industry.

Automotive Security Best Practices - Executive Summary (English)
Executive summary for our white paper "Automotive Security Best Practices".

Grand Theft Data – Data Exfiltration Study: Actors, Tactics, and Detection (English)
Key findings on data exfiltration and recommendations on data loss prevention

Rapport de McAfee Labs sur le paysage des menaces: Août 2015
McAfee Labs’ quarterly analysis of key threat topics and trends.
Sujets : McAfee Labs

Halte à l'exfiltration de données
Data exfiltration tactics and techniques used by cyber thieves and how to combat data theft.
Sujets : McAfee Labs

Stop Data Exfiltration (English)
Data exfiltration tactics and techniques used by cyber thieves and how to combat data theft.
Sujets : McAfee Labs

Protecting Against GPU Malware (English)
Policies, procedures, and products that can protect against GPU attacks.
Sujets : McAfee Labs

Protection contre les logiciels malveillants ciblant le GPU
Policies, procedures, and products that can protect against GPU attacks.
Sujets : McAfee Labs

Disrupt Targeted Attacks (English)
Intel Security recommends that you unify the protect, detect, and correct stages of managing threats so you can build a comprehensive security model to combat targeted attacks. While each stage has its own unique set of tactics, they all work together to provide context and leverage insights. This concept—an adaptive security model—applies learning immediately throughout a collaborative architecture and provides the overall cyber-resilience required to outmaneuver adversaries, contain intrusions quickly, and avoid excessive financial damage.

Combatting Advanced Targeted Attacks: PROTECT (English)
Intel Security recommends a three-pronged approach for disrupting advanced targeted attacks, starting with enhanced protection, described in this guide. The goal of this Protect stage is two-part: to stop the most pervasive attack vectors while disrupting never-before-seen techniques and payloads, and to derive insights that can strengthen countermeasures and inform investigators of unfolding activities.

Combatting Advanced Targeted Attacks: DETECT (English)
This guide covers advanced monitoring to identify anomalous, outlier behavior to perceive low-threshold attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed. As you uncover evidence, your system should share findings to enrich decision-making throughout your security infrastructure.

SANS Survey: Maturing and Specializing: Incident Response Capabilities Needed (English)
SANS released the 2015 findings from their Incident Response survey. The good news is results show that incident response (IR) and even detection are maturing. The shrinking window of response time, along with more automated tools and the specialized job titles to support the IR function are all indicators of this maturation. Now for the bad news: Organizations are short on the skills and technologies they need for full visibility and integrated response.

Combatting Advanced Targeted Attacks: CORRECT (English)
This guide describes ways to facilitate triage and prioritization for fluid investigation and rapid remediation. As you learn, your solution should apply insights immediately throughout a collaborative infrastructure.

Securing Hybrid Networks for Dummies (English)
Hybrid networks and data centers combine traditional network infrastructure with virtualized infrastructure to improve efficiency and flexibility. Learn how to keep your networks and data centers secure when transitioning to these new, next generation architectures.

Don’t Jeopardize Security When Moving to Office 365 (English)
This paper provides an overview of some of the issues facing enterprises as they move to Office 365 and other cloud-based applications, and suggests how comprehensive solutions from Intel Security can help address those issues.

Miercom: Threat Detection Test Results (English)
Miercom Threat Detection Testing – Testing shows that Advanced Threat Defense detection performance was notably above industry average.