McAfee SaaS Email Protection Enables Reynolds and Reynolds to Add Value to its Secure Email Service for Automotive Dealerships

Reynolds and Reynolds is the nation’s leading provider of integrated technology solutions and services that help automotive retailers achieve growth, manage change, and improve their profitability. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, with over 75 years of experience in this growing market, Reynolds and Reynolds continually strives to help auto dealerships do business more efficiently and bring more value to customers. Today, Reynolds and Reynolds provides more than 20,000 customers with products, service and training solutions, Web and customer relationship management solutions, learning and consulting services, networking and support. Reynolds and Reynolds’ customer base comprises nearly 90 percent of the automotive retailers and virtually all OEMs doing business in North America. The Reynolds International Division serves automotive retailers and OEMs through Incadea GmbH and its partner network as well as a worldwide consulting practice.

Connecting 11,000 users and 450 dealerships through Reynolds and Reynolds’ Secure Email Service
As part of its systems and services offerings, Reynolds and Reynolds Network Services provide automotive dealerships around the country with its Secure Email Service. This service allows Reynolds clients to enjoy the benefits of having an enterprise-grade email service without the costs and hassles of owning and administering an email server onsite. The Secure Email Service connects more than 11,000 end users and 450 dealerships to Reynolds’ Secure Data Center and email server. To help its dealership clients operate more efficiently, Reynolds Network Services recently added antispam and anti-virus solutions to its list of business priorities.

“We knew spam was becoming a problem and that viruses were getting more and more sophisticated,” says William Safford, product manager, Network Security Solutions, Reynolds and Reynolds. “If we didn’t incorporate an anti-spam solution into our Secure Email Service and fortify our virus protection, we knew these problems were going to start impacting our clients, their business, and ultimately, their customer service.”

Around-the-clock spam and virus monitoring and filtering protects Reynolds and Reynolds and its customer base
“Just as we began researching anti-spam options to integrate into our Secure Email Service, we received a call from McAfee,” recalls Safford. “Our discussions with McAfee reinforced our own convictions regarding email threats inherent to spam and how important it was to implement a solution quickly.” Safford was sold on the features of the service—which include around-the-clock spam and virus monitoring and filtering—and on its ease of implementation and administration.

The Reynolds and Reynolds team had considered building an in-house solution until learning about the SaaS Email Protection solution from McAfee. “After viewing the demonstration, it was clear that the McAfee solution would be easy for my team to activate within Reynolds’ email environment and Secure Email Service, and also virtually effortless for our dealerships to integrate and use,” says Safford.

In addition to anti-spam protection, the McAfee SaaS Email Protection service offered protection from viruses, worms and other email threats— including email containing spam beacons, which are pieces of HTML code inserted into a spam message to help spammers track recipient behavior. “McAfee explained that emails with spam beacons send a signal back to the spammer, validating the address, and making it ripe for future spamming,” says Safford. “It was at that point that I knew we needed a solution that would provide our diverse customer base with email defense in every sense of the word.”

"I like to have tools that make my life easier, and Reynolds and Reynolds’ Secure Email Services with the McAfee SaaS Email Protection service makes my life easier."

Wayne Ussery
Director of Internet Marketing, Jim Ellis Auto Dealerships

With its Secure Email Service already equipped with an anti-virus engine, Safford and team selected the McAfee SaaS Email Protection offering that combines world-class anti-spam protection with McAfee’s own proprietary WormTraq worm detection and industry-leading anti-virus protection— a strategy many businesses use to ensure maximum virus protection from today’s more destructive outbreaks. Reynolds has included this solution in its current Secure Email Service and it is also being deployed by its customer, Jim Ellis Auto Dealerships.

The right defense for Jim Ellis Auto
Jim Ellis Auto Dealerships, with 13 locations in the Atlanta, GA, area, has partnered with Reynolds for many years and began leveraging its Secure Email Service two years ago. This well-known dealership is proud of its award-winning staff, and its commitment to exceptional customer experiences. The dealership knows, however, that providing its team with the right tools for the job is critical to providing this level of customer experience. That’s why Jim Ellis turned to Reynolds and Reynolds for help.

Using Internet marketing and Internet leads has contributed significantly to the success of the Jim Ellis dealerships, where over 2,300 leads come in via the Internet every month. But, with this strong Web presence and reliance on email, the dealerships have become prey to spammers and hackers.

“Spam was starting to get debilitating,” says Wayne Ussery, Director of Internet Marketing, Jim Ellis Auto. “With more than 200 new sales per month resulting in Internet marketing, however, we had to be careful not to confuse junk email with legitimate business.” At the time, junk email accounted for over half of the incoming mail, and the time required to weed out the legitimate messages from the junk was significantly impacting overall service and productivity.

“With the new service from McAfee and Reynolds and Reynolds, and its exceptional accuracy in filtering out only legitimate spam, we can focus on closing more business because we have a solution that only allows valid Internet leads and legitimate email to enter our network,” remarks Ussery. Administering and monitoring the spam filtering platform has been extremely easy and intuitive for Ussery and his team. Ussery simply customized the ‘white lists’ to allow the filters to accept valid leads. “I like to have tools that make my life easier,” says Ussery, “And this tool definitely does.”

McAfee Labs stays on top of threats, so customers don’t have to
McAfee’s cost-effective service provides aroundthe- clock email protection, automatically intercepting, analyzing and blocking malicious, unsolicited messages and email attacks at the network perimeter—before they can enter or leave an internal network. Using its Stacked Classification Framework® spam detection system, which utilizes a patented method of identifying and controlling spam using a voting algorithm based on a sophisticated form of intelligent reasoning, McAfee achieves more than 99 percent accuracy.

Powering McAfee SaaS Email Protection is McAfee Labs, a sophisticated streaming data environment where McAfee monitors the global state of email communication, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides customers with real-time updates and protection. Led by email security experts with extensive experience in protecting messaging networks, McAfee Labs provides dynamic email defense—staying far ahead of the next attack by continually incorporating information about the very latest spammer, virus and worm tactics.

Less time managing outbreaks leaves more time for customer service and sales
Reynolds and Reynolds believes the McAfee solution is a critical piece of its Secure Email Service— one that will enable its automotive clientele to spend less time sorting through junk email and dealing with potential virus outbreaks, and more time selling and servicing vehicles.

"We added another layer of protection without adding more work for our clients with limited resources."

William Safford
Network Security Solutions, Reynolds and Reynolds

With business booming and customers to care for, Jim Ellis wanted an immediate solution to its growing spam and virus problem—not something that would require excessive training or time-consuming administration. “Integrated with the Secure Email Service from Reynolds and Reynolds, the McAfee solution was virtually hands-free. I like the fact that I can set our own rules and tailor the solution to fit our needs,” says Ussery. “After customizing a few default settings, there’s not much else to it. With spam nearly eliminated, we now have more time to focus on our legitimate email.” Additionally, Ussery is a lot less concerned about virus outbreaks affecting his network now that the email defense service is in place.

Immediately apparent results and peace of mind
Since Jim Ellis Auto started using the McAfee SaaS Email Protection service, its nearly 300 end users are seeing a significant decrease in unwanted email—and the dealership is seeing a corresponding increase in productivity. With 85 percent of all Jim Ellis email classified as spam by McAfee, the dealership is also saving money, since employees are no longer spending an average of 30-60 minutes a day sorting legitimate email from unwanted junk mail. Additionally, in the first year alone, the service has blocked over 35,170 spam beacons from entering the Jim Ellis network and divulging information that can help spammers target the email addresses for future attacks.

Reynolds and Reynolds made the choice to incorporate email defense into its robust Secure Email Service and is already seeing the results with the Jim Ellis dealership. “We added another layer of protection without adding more work for our clients with limited resources,” says Safford. “Building the comprehensive McAfee SaaS Email Protection service into this offering was effortless for our team, which controls all the domain information and MX record changes, and has proven to be incredibly easy for Jim Ellis.”

Ussery echoes this sentiment, concluding that, “At Jim Ellis, we’re always looking for ways to do things more effectively and efficiently. Reynolds and Reynolds and McAfee are helping us do just that by adding value to our services and giving us tools that free us from worrying about email administration and security and allow us to concentrate on selling cars.”

Reynolds and Reynolds

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The nation’s leading provider of integrated technology solutions and services for automotive retailers



IT environment

20,000 customers across North America, including 11,000 end users and 450 dealerships


Deliver value-added email defense systems to Reynolds and Reynolds end users and 450 dealerships

McAfee solution

  • McAfee SaaS Email Protection (formerly MX Logic® Email Defense Service)


  • Rapid implementation with nearly 100% elimination of spam; and robust protection from viruses and worms
  • Increased employee productivity for end-users at automobile dealerships
  • Customizable solution that is easily tailored to meet the needs of a diverse customer base