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Top 10 Security Topics for Executives

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The Security Connected platform from McAfee provides a unified framework for hundreds of products, services, and partners. Any organization can improve its security posture and minimize operational costs through the platform’s innovative concepts, optimized processes, and practical savings.

  • Innovative — The platform leverages a real-time data exchange framework, collective threat intelligence, high-performance analytics, and open security management to make endpoint, network, and cloud countermeasures protect as one.
  • Optimized — Actionable intelligence and situational awareness enable the optimal balance of risk mitigation, prioritized resources, and operational value.
  • Practical — The Security Connected Reference Architecture helps you adapt the Security Connected vision to your unique risks, infrastructure, and business objectives.


Trending Topics

  • Technology: 74% of network IT pros think sandboxing is not enough to fight advanced malware. Learn more.
  • What Security Professionals Know: A January 2014 survey of 800 chief information officers and security managers showed that there are misunderstandings and ineffective safeguards in use against modern hackers using advanced evasion techniques (AETs). Learn more.
  • New attack methods: Advanced evasion techniques (AETs) are a weapon in advanced persistent threats. Learn more about how AETs work.
  • Reference Architecture: Adapt Security Connected concepts to your unique risks, infrastructure, and business objectives. Reference Architecture includes both Solution Guides that outline broad security challenges and best practice considerations, and Technology Blueprints that dive deep into McAfee solutions — laying out a concrete path to security implementation. Learn more.


Case Study: State of Alaska

See how the state of Alaska uses McAfee solutions to efficiently and effectively secure data across data centers, endpoints, and networks for 16 state agencies as well as rural citizens.

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