Medical Device Security

Safeguard medical devices against malware and tampering

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Medical devices, such as diagnostic tablet computers, heart rate monitors, and MRI scanners, are just as susceptible to malware as standard laptop computers. To protect medical devices, McAfee offers solutions that prevent unauthorized changes and keep devices malware-free.

McAfee Integrity Control locks down a medical device so only authorized executables and changes are allowed. This low-footprint solution protects against malware, unauthorized applications, and system changes. It also provides the ability to capture an audit trail of authorized changes, facilitating compliance and reporting. Only McAfee provides unique read/write protection for added data protection of field devices. With this feature, you can block the view and alteration of system data and configuration files from any other application other than the original creator of the data. For manufacturers of medical devices, McAfee offers these same capabilities with McAfee Embedded Security.

Key Benefits

  • Safeguard devices without impacting performance
    Protect your medical devices with McAfee Integrity Control, a low-overhead security solution that does not compromise device performance.
  • Lower costs and reduce overhead
    Save time and money with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform, the centralized security console that eases management, simplifies reporting, and automates maintenance. Integrity Control on medical devices allows for the enforcement of business and manufacturing change policies and centralized reporting to validate field images.
  • Count on 24/7 security vigilance
    Secure devices with open operating systems. Integrity Control provides protection from malware and tampering, ensuring your systems cannot be compromised.


Network Security

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McAfee Firewall Enterprise

McAfee Firewall Enterprise is a next-generation firewall that restores control and protection to your network.

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McAfee Network Security Platform

McAfee Network Security Platform is the industry’s most secure network intrusion prevention system (IPS). Backed by McAfee Labs, it protects customers on average 80 days ahead of the threat. It blocks attacks in real time, before they can cause damage, and protects every network-connected device. With Network Security Platform, you can automatically manage risk and enforce compliance — while improving operational efficiency and reducing IT efforts.

Risk & Compliance

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McAfee Integrity Control

McAfee Integrity Control combines industry-leading whitelisting and change control technology, ensuring that only trusted applications run on fixed-function devices, such as point-of-service (POS) systems, ATMs, and kiosks.

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McAfee Vulnerability Manager

McAfee Vulnerability Manager finds and prioritizes vulnerabilities and policy violations on your network. It balances asset criticality with vulnerability severity, enabling you to focus protection on your most important assets.

Endpoint Protection

McAfee Embedded Control
McAfee Embedded Control

McAfee Embedded Control focuses on solving the problem of increased security risk arising from the adoption of commercial operating systems in embedded systems. Embedded Control is a small-footprint, low-overhead, application-independent solution that provides “deploy-and-forget” security.



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