Healthcare organizations should consider cloud services

10 janvier 2012

Data loss incidents at healthcare organizations were among the most damaging of all security breaches last year, and many technology experts say cloud computing is a potential solution for securing patient data and cutting IT costs.

According to a MedCity column by enterprise software analyst Shahid Shah, healthcare providers should consider adopting cloud applications, which can improve security, reduce vulnerabilities and reduce costs. Shah says Software-as-a-Service and cloud-based Electronic Health Records systems would especially benefit healthcare organizations.

"Go after virtualization for almost all apps as soon as possible, make it so that no applications are sitting in physical servers," Shah says. "Don’t invest more in any apps that cannot easily be virtualized."

Healthcare organizations are advised to adopt relevant cloud-based applications, but Shah says those companies must understand that infrastructure requirements are still significant. Meanwhile, he says using app-driven content management and document management systems for EHR is an ongoing trend in the health industry.

Insider breaches have been the cause of several data breaches at healthcare providers. The Loma Linda University Medical Center in California recently lost the medical records of 1,300 patients when an employee, who has since been fired, removed files from the facility. The records contained private personal information, including some social security numbers.

-McAfee Cloud Security