More businesses adopting the private cloud

25 janvier 2012

Many businesses and government organizations have transitioned several IT tasks to a private cloud environment, and providers of private cloud services are reaping the monetary benefits.

According to a recent eWeek report, private cloud adoption continues to skyrocket, and some providers have grown as much as 300 percent due to more enterprises seeking cost-saving solutions that enable them to manage cloud servers in-house.

"Interest in private cloud is high because of the speed and agility that it promises," Rachel Chalmers, research director for infrastructure management at 451 Group, told the source. "However, in order to realize these benefits, enterprises must be able to easily transition to and manage the infrastructure."

The report said private cloud solutions will continue to grow in popularity among companies that will look to transfer internal servers and infrastructures to a domestic cloud environment instead of paying to use external hardware. Additionally, the source expects major technology providers to increase their investments in the private cloud, which could result in reduced demand for third-party hosted services.

While some enterprises have already transitioned some IT functions to the cloud and many more are expected to soon follow, it's vital for private cloud adopters to contain an IT department with cloud skills and experience. In a recent Computerworld blog post, expert Jean-Marc Seguin said successfully adding a private cloud involves people more than technology, meaning that businesses must have employees capable of implementing and managing cloud systems.

"Since products and technologies change frequently in the data center, IT departments must frequently update training to ensure their people are abreast of latest innovations in hardware, software, architecture and solutions to support the best service delivery to their customers," Seguin explained.

According to a recent survey, private cloud adoption increased 30 percent last year compared to in 2011.

-McAfee Cloud Security