Consumers using personal clouds to sync, back up digital files

1 février 2012

Average consumers manage and share vast amounts of pictures, videos, music and documents on their mobile devices, and many are now using personal clouds to backup and sync their array of digital content.

According to a recent study by Funambol, a provider of personal cloud solutions for mobile phones and devices, 96 percent of mobile users believe it's important to wirelessly sync and back up digital content. The report said uses are interested in cloud solutions that enable them to access content across several devices and feel confident their files are private and secure.

"This research highlights the digital content quagmire that people face every day as they use more mobile devices, apps and services," said Hal Steger, Funambol VP Marketing. "The survey results demonstrate the large market need for personal clouds that secure, sync and share digital content."

Eighty-nine percent of respondents said they are interested in an easy, secure and low-cost solution to remotely sync and back up digital content. The ability to access content on multiple devices is the top attribute consumers desire in a personal cloud, while security and low cost are also priorities, the study revealed. Additionally, 74 percent of mobile users wouldn't implement a personal cloud solution if it only works with one brand of devices.

Mobile cloud computing is an expanding technology trend for businesses and consumers, experts say. According to a Visiongain study, companies are increasingly adopting mobile cloud services to deploy enterprise applications on employees' mobile devices, increasing productivity and flexibility. The report said the mobile cloud market will increase to $45 billion in 2016, a 55.1 percent rise from last year.

-McAfee Cloud Security