Entertainment industry launches cloud-based video system

7 février 2012

Most cloud computing vendors focus their solutions to accommodate growing enterprise demand for cloud services, but consumers are also increasingly interested in the cloud and its various advantages.

According to a recent Fortune report, numerous members of the entertainment community, including film studios, consumer electronics manufacturers and cable companies, recently developed a cloud-based "digital locker" system named UltraViolet to combat the increasing issue of piracy and subsequent loss of business to streaming services like Netflix. The system enables consumers to store digital rights to movies and television shows on the internet and access the content from several remote devices.

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, a cross-industry initiative to enhance the digital media experience for consumers, launched the service in early January. Forbes said 750,000 households have already signed up for UltraViolet.

"In the coming months, consumers will hear exciting news from DECE Member companies and other UltraViolet licensees about a host of interoperable products and services, ushering in a new era of choice, confidence and freedom in digital entertainment," DECE general manager Mark Teitell said in a statement announcing the completion of the project.

The DECE hopes migrating digital content to the cloud in a legal, user-friendly manner will reduce consumers' desire to illegally download video content, the report said. According to Forbes, DVD sales reached $15.5 billion in 2004, but have since declined as a result of increased interest in Netflix and piracy.

Several experts have recently commented on the trend of consumers using devices with cloud features and electronics companies designing cloud-based products. According to InfoWorld's David Linthicum, the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas demonstrated the rise of cloud computing in consumer devices, such as DVD players, TVs and automobile technology that have internet-based utilities.

-McAfee Cloud Security