Enterprises increasingly adopting hybrid clouds

13 février 2012

Companies in numerous sectors are adopting cloud computing to augment traditional IT functions, reduce operating costs and increase employee productivity, yet most experts say cloud solutions are still evolving.

Cloud computing has already advanced from a basic concept to a wealth of different public and private services, including the rapidly expanding Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service models. However, according to a CIO report, businesses are increasingly implementing multiple clouds, creating a hybrid environment containing a combination of third party-managed and in-house systems.

"Our perspective is that it's irrational to think that someone will go to work on Friday and all their work will be on-prem, and then they come into work on Monday and everything will be in the cloud," Mike Ehrenberg, technical fellow with Microsoft Business Solutions, told the source. "People are going to live with assets in both places for a long time."

The source cited Deloitte Consulting's recent technology trends report, a study that revealed enterprises are moving toward cloud solutions composed of public and private clouds. The research found that many companies are migrating critical business applications and infrastructure services to the hybrid cloud.

Hybrid cloud adoption has gained steam in the enterprise IT marketplace due to security concerns about outsourcing private data to cloud vendors. Although most technology experts say public clouds are a secure, cost-saving IT solution for data storage, disaster recovery and other functions, some businesses feel less vulnerable using in-house private clouds, creating increased demand for the hybrid model.

According to Fortune columnist and technology expert Mathew Lodge, hybrid cloud computing and PaaS are among the leading cloud trends impacting businesses this year. Furthermore, cloud expert Ivanka Menken recently reported 39 percent of enterprise cloud users have both public and private clouds.

-McAfee Cloud Security