Report: Cloud services should be a top management priority

14 février 2012

Cloud computing has a proven ability to reduce costs, increase efficiency and enable businesses to focus on innovation, yet the majority of enterprises are still only experimenting with cloud technology.

According to InformatonWeek, most companies are failing to realize the full advantages of cloud computing because they continue to use it for tweaking or enhancing existing IT functions and systems. Citing a recent Economist survey, the report said businesses must make adopting cloud services a top management priority to gain the complete cost-saving and productivity benefits of the cloud.

"I don't think too many companies in the U.S. fall into the category of having 'substantially implemented' cloud computing," Saul Berman, global strategy consulting leader at IBM, told the source. "The CEO might ask, 'I've heard of it, but why do I need to be focused on the cloud? Isn't that something for IT to do?' But the power of the cloud goes beyond IT."

The report said a significant portion of U.S. enterprises are using Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions from third party vendors, while many others have built private, virtualized data centers. Although only 13 percent of companies have "substantially implemented" cloud technology throughout their firm, the survey revealed that figure is expected to ascend to 41 percent during the next three years.

Cloud-based technology like IaaS and Software-as-a-Service are increasingly popular among organizations in several industries, as both solutions reduce operating costs and expand scalability, experts say. However, some research suggests the Platform-as-a-Service model could soon grow substantially.

According to a study by market research firm Gartner, the PaaS market is still undeveloped, but many companies are considering adopting the technology to increase innovation. The report said additional PaaS usage could lead to breakthroughs in technology and how businesses use cloud computing.

-McAfee Cloud Security