Cloud, mobile technologies impacting Australian ICT industry

21 février 2012

Cloud computing, mobile devices and social media are impacting the ways American businesses complete tasks and interact with customers, and now other nations are beginning to experience similar transformations.

According to market research firm Frost & Sullivan, cloud, mobile and social products are changing the Australian information and communications technology industry. The report said the ICT sector traditionally accommodated business needs, but technology advancements within the ICT industry are now altering business processes.

As other studies have also revealed, the source said the growth of cloud solutions and mobile devices is connected. Cloud computing is increasingly a mainstream IT solution, enabling businesses to deploy services on remote devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets. Increased flexibility, in addition to reduced operating costs and improved efficiency, are among the most popular reasons enterprises adopt cloud technology, experts say.

Additionally, the Software-as-a-Service cloud market is expected to expand in Australian businesses. This will also impact how employees use mobile devices, as bring-your-own-device policies are becoming universal and organizations will deploy cloud-based enterprise applications on their workers' smartphones and tablets to increase productivity.

Frost & Sullivan also predicts the unified communications market in Australia is poised for growth, as most companies are using some type of real-time conferencing, collaboration or messaging service. Many of these services are now hosted in a cloud environment, and experts say mobile devices will likewise become more involved in unified communications.

According to Visiongain, the mobile cloud computing industry will produce $45 billion in revenues by 2016, up 55 percent compared to 2011. The company said the increase in revenues is largely due to the rise of cloud-based mobile apps.

-McAfee Cloud Security