Cloud services altering Connecticut IT departments

28 février 2012

Cloud computing is providing businesses throughout the country with cost-saving and productivity benefits, but it's also changing IT structures and altering the traditional roles of IT professionals.

According to a recent Hartford Business Journal report, companies in Connecticut are adopting the cloud to save money on hardware, staffing and operating costs, while boosting organizational efficiency. However, the growing technology is also impacting IT responsibilities like data protection, regardless of if businesses are using public, private or hybrid cloud solutions.

"It has changed the way IT is driven because it is no longer necessary for a company to purchase IT assets, such as traditional hardware and software systems," Christopher Luise, executive vice president at ADNET Technologies, explained. "They are now able to eliminate expensive hardware, maintenance, and labor in exchange for a single cloud provider who bills them only for the services used."

Luise added that a reduction of cost is the main advantage driving Connecticut enterprises to the cloud.

The report said businesses are also drawn to the technology's ability to store data, applications and infrastructure in a remote, on-demand environment, increasing flexibility and potentially supporting a more mobile workforce. However, while the cloud has raised some security concerns for IT departments, they're quickly learning to secure and protect data in the cloud, just like other new technologies.

Ryan Rose, co-founder of mobile networking application SmallTalk, told the source that not all cloud service providers use the same level of security, making it essential for prospective cloud adopters to ask questions about security before signing a service level agreement.

With cybersecurity threats and recent data breaches impacting organizations of all sizes, it's important for all businesses to devise a cloud security strategy before migrating services to the cloud. According to a Strategy Analytics study, the cloud services market will reach $82 billion by 2016, up from $31 billion currently.

-McAfee Cloud Security