Study: Cloud adoption fueling global job growth

5 mars 2012

Businesses around the world are adopting cloud computing to decrease IT costs and improve efficiency, yet the increasingly widespread technology is also impacting companies, governments and nations in another way.

According to market research firm IDC, there will be 13.8 million cloud jobs worldwide in 2015, up from 6.7 million currently and a projected 8.8 million in 2013. Additionally, several countries will experience considerable growth regarding the amount of cloud jobs, while China, India and the United States will contain the most cloud-related positions.

"For most organizations, cloud computing should be a no-brainer, given its ability to increase IT innovation and flexibility, lower capital costs, and help generate revenues that are multiples of spending," said John Gantz, chief research officer and senior VP at IDC. "A common misperception is cloud computing is a job eliminator, but in truth it will be a job creator - a major one."

Gantz added that emerging markets, small businesses and small cities will drive cloud industry growth, as these regions and organizations now have the ability to gain the same cost-saving and productivity benefits as large companies and developed countries.

IDC predicts the amount of cloud jobs in the United States will reach about 1.1 million by 2015, a 66 percent increase compared to current totals. However, cloud positions will expand even more in China and India, where the report said the cloud employment market will grow 84 percent and 99 percent, respectively. China, the most populous nation in the world, will contain more than 4.5 million cloud jobs, accounting for .57 percent of the total labor force, IDC said.

According to SmartPlanet, the Chinese government is investing heavily in cloud computing, a major reason the nation's cloud market is expected to increase 30 percent this year. Meanwhile, in India, some experts believe the cloud market will expand from $400 million in 2011 to more than $4 billion by 2015, a recent GigaOM report said.

-McAfee Cloud Security