Indian businesses increasingly implementing cloud computing

5 avril 2012

Cloud computing, which has quickly established itself as a cornerstone of many different industries' infrastructures, is playing an increasingly important role in the Indian private sector, several studies have found.

Research firm Heavy Reading recently released a report focusing on the use of cloud computing by small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in India. It found that carrier cloud service providers are increasingly setting their sights on Indian SMEs as the businesses in many different sectors look to benefit from the advantages offered by the cloud.

Sridhar Pai, the Heavy Reading research analyst who authored the report, said that while cloud computing is generating industry in every industry sector, e-Commerce businesses (such as those specializing in online travel, retail and auctions) have been particularly quick to take advantage of cloud-based services.

Further evidence for the proliferation of cloud services in India can be found in recent projections detailing anticipated job growth from the increase in cloud-based services and offerings. An IDC study on the global effects on the job market of cloud computing anticipates nearly 14 million new jobs will be created as the cloud computing market continues to expand. These jobs are expected to appear all over the world, and India is no exception: the study estimates the country will nearly double its number of cloud-related positions by 2015.

Another study, conducted by EMC and Zinnov Management Consulting, presents an even more optimistic projection. It states that while the total Indian cloud market stands at approximately $400 million, its value will rise to $4.5 billion by 2015 - a more than tenfold increase. This study found that there are 10,000 IT jobs in the private cloud market in India today, and that by 2015 this number will shoot up to approximately 100,000.

However, as cloud computing usage increases so rapidly, experts warn that companies may face new security challenges. Cloud-based services represent a significant departure from traditional technological models and require unique security solutions.

Most security experts believe that the key to successful cloud security is preparation. By carefully considering the specific ways that it will use the cloud, a company can craft a security policy that invests in cloud security software and other protective measures that best address its own potential vulnerabilities.

-McAfee Cloud Security