Fears over customer data security in the cloud a non-issue for News International

25 mai 2012

While many companies are hesitant to put their customers in the cloud, others have moved into the world of application-based cloud computing without hesitation. The efficiency of platform-based cloud computing and high levels of trust in cloud data security made the decision to migrate an easy one for News International, according to TechWorld.

Being unable to see the physical space where their data is held has stopped many organizations from adopting the cloud, but News International's chief architect, Adam Griffiths, was thoroughly confident in cloud security when making the switch . That faith to put any kind of data in the cloud coupled with all the other flexible benefits made the decision easy.

"I don't care whether it's hardware in the basement or sat in the cloud," Griffiths told TechWorld. "What I do care about is the agility, the smooth upgrades, the performance, the scalability, the elastic nature."

Cloud flexibility
The use of security software-as-a-service helped Griffiths feel confident in his data protection as he moved his organization's customer data onto cloud servers.

Griffiths moved News International to the cloud with consumer products. Rather than build a private cloud, he used "out of the box" products build up from the platform, according to TechWorld.

A second benefit that Griffiths found with the use of cloud products was the customizability, as it allowed for the construction of different subscription models. The increased use of mobile technology for the newspaper industry - and the paywalls setup to allow the paper to make money - made the cloud setup work both for the setup of more multi-layered sales and distribution plan. According to TechWorld, the ability to analyze this data in the cloud allows the the company to more specifically tailor the necessary content.

Revolutionary vs. Evolutionary
The approach taken by News International would fall under what has been labeled the "revolutionary" approach to cloud computing, according to The Guardian. While many companies are deciding to build a private cloud themselves - the "evolutionary" approach - the on-the-fly flexibility and ability to get up and moving quickly that comes with a platform and application-based strategy is appealing to companies like News International.

According to TechWorld, as IT departments get more involved in assessment of cloud solutions, more organizations are willing to adopt them. As that trust grows, so do the capabilities. .

-McAfee Cloud Security