Study: Cloud storage leads initiatives

29 juin 2012

With the meteoric rise of cloud computing bringing widespread adoption of various services to the business world, none look to be more popular than cloud storage, according to a study by TwinStrata. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) are currently deployed by more companies - with Saas used in more than half of all businesses - but more companies plan to use cloud storage than any other cloud computing service.

Overall, 73 percent of respondents have already implemented some form of cloud computing in their business, with 28 percent having been in the cloud for at least three years. The survey was conducted among attendees at the Cloud Computing Expo.

Cloud storage security
Data security in the cloud remains the greatest obstacle to companies using storage services, according to TwinStrata. Although only 42 percent of all companies cited data protection concerns over cloud storage, the number jumped significantly among respondents whose companies have no plans to migrate to the cloud.

Storage cloud security proved to be a massive roadblock to those companies, with 79 percent objecting to cloud storage. Those that had future plans to install cloud storage were closer to the average, with 43 percent objecting. The 25 percent of objectors who already used the services was significantly less than was in other groups, but still tied with concerns over performance speed and reliability as the top worry within the group.

SMB cloud adoption
One of the largest growth markets for cloud services, consistent across studies, continues to be small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Smaller companies see the benefits that can be reaped from the cloud in terms of lower costs and easy management, according to TwinStrata.

A separate study from AMI Partners found that nearly half of SMB's expected $34 billion in cloud spending cloud spending will go through hosts. Hosted service, such as IaaS and storage, allow for management and services to be managed externally, in cases where smaller companies would be hard pressed to provide the proper support.

"A key reason that hosters are becoming a leading cloud channel for SMBs is because they have proven they can effectively handle critical infrastructure, while providing the necessary level of support," Monik Sheth, AMI research analyst, said. "Poor service can be an immediate deal breaker for any company, and SMBs are no different."

-McAfee Cloud Security