Trust and data protection in cloud computing

24 août 2012

Experts believe that with the correct security measures, cloud computing can be a safe tool for storing sensitive information. Despite recent stories questioning cloud security, more businesses are beginning to trust the cloud for its data handling.

Major companies recently reported breaches in their systems that compromised confidential data. As a result, some businesses began to fear the cloud's potential risks. Based on a recent Gartner survey, however, business owners are more likely to trust the cloud with sensitive information as opposed to their business partners. The surprising results of this survey prove that cloud providers are becoming more popular as a storage space.

Proper security steps
As long as companies take the proper steps to ensure data protection, they should not have to worry about people accessing their information.

Proper passwords and encryption measures are recommended for any organization that wants to store data. Many major companies admitted in the survey that passwords and encryption were not correctly implemented.

It is ideal to add encryption to keep data private and to prevent users from gaining access to information that does not belong to them, said CipherCloud’s Kevin Bocek.

Companies should discuss who will have control of encryption keys with cloud providers. If an organization chooses to control its own data, it is often its responsibility to encrypt everything as well.

Communication with the cloud provider can make a company owner feel at ease. In a series about outsourcing to the cloud, IT Web's Ugan Naidoo wrote about the growing demand for "an unprecedented level of transparency." Business owners should exercise their right to look at or change any of the security measures agreed upon with the vendor to ensure security in the cloud.
Some experts recommend that businesses wary of the impact that data loss could have should consider not even placing sensitive information in the cloud. 

The risks associated with the cloud are all plausible, but users should not let uncertainties prevent them from trusting data to the cloud. As long as a user can commit to security measures, use encryption and monitor interactions, then the value of cloud computing can still be realized.

-McAfee Cloud Security