Big data becoming big tool for businesses

24 août 2012

Big data is fast becoming a big motivator in cloud computing. Businesses want more data with more complex analytic functions to understand a market. Big data can offer companies a clearer picture to help make assumptions representative of reality.

Big data refers to large, complex data sets that are managed and analyzed within a company. These data sets could be measured in petabytes, exabytes or higher, and can provide insights on consumer behavior for a business' benefit, according to CIO's Reda Chouffani.

"Big data is a topic of growing interest for many business and IT leaders, and there is little doubt that it creates business value by enabling organizations to uncover previously unseen patterns and develop sharper insights about their businesses and environments," said David Newman, Gartner's vice president of research.

Surveys show growing use
In a recent survey, Evans Data found that about 55 percent of cloud developers urge organizations to use cloud services to handle large data sets that a traditional database system could not.

Over 60 percent of developers working with big data cite integration tools as the most important component for adding this service, while security tools were the second most important components, according to the survey. The cloud's scale and cost effectiveness make it ideal for big data, and security and integration tools come with most cloud services, said CEO of Evans Data, Janel Garvin.

Experts agree that like the cloud computing trend, the big data trend is slowly growing in popularity among companies. "Big data" describes both information that is collected as well as the ways to analyze it, wrote CIO's Bernard Golden.

Big data security
Despite the advantages of adopting big data, Golden wrote about a few challenges that stand in the way, including the scalability of the cloud and security issues. IT departments might not have the available resources yet to handle any problems that come up in the cloud because it is so vast.  Although many business owners are adopting cloud services, some reports state that security is the number one reason why some haven't converted to the cloud. Encryption and passwords are recommended as ways to ensure security in the cloud.

As big data becomes popular in the technology world, business owners should consider the ways it can help their business succeed.

-McAfee Cloud Security