Cloud computing security measures vital for data protection

27 août 2012

Many companies are confident in a cloud provider’s ability to secure information. Some business owners, however, are hesitant to make the transition.

Security concerns are cited as the main reason why companies fear cloud computing. Experts agree that the cloud is a safe place to store data as long as a company integrates the necessary security measures, like encryption and disaster recovery plans. Business owners should also consider cloud computing because of its flexibility, speed, and manageability of data, according to CloudTweaks. 

In a recent survey conducted by InfoWorld, 37 percent of businesses do not have security measures designed for the cloud. As cloud computing grows in popularity, experts stress the need for company owners to institute security plans to increase storage reliability and prevent data breaches.

Consider hybrid clouds
Organizations that are wary of cloud security but want to take advantage of the benefits should consider hybrid cloud computing. According to a survey conducted by IDG Research Services, 56 percent of respondents see hybrid clouds as the future of company infrastructure.

Hybrid clouds refer to a cloud computing environment in which some information is kept in a private cloud while other information is outsourced to a public cloud. The survey shows that 50 percent plan to use a hybrid cloud for disaster recovery plans or backup plans in the next year. Some respondents also consider using the hybrid cloud for data analytics.

If a company chooses to invest in a hybrid cloud model, business owners should incorporate security measures and develop a disaster recovery plan. Only 48 percent of respondents claim to have an in-depth plan that lists cloud security measures, according to InfoWorld. Whether they use a hybrid cloud model or place all confidential information into one cloud service, small businesses that are attracted to the cost-effective cloud should secure a data loss prevention plan as a precaution.

-McAfee Cloud Security