SaaS continues to grow in popularity

29 août 2012

Concerns are fading away as companies continue to trust Software as a Service (SaaS) for data storage, according to a recent Gartner survey.

Sixty-eight percent of U.S. organizations plan to increase SaaS spending between now and 2015, Gartner analyst Guy Creese said recently at the company's Catalyst Conference. The survey reaffirms the lack of insecurities concerning cloud storage among businesses.

A separate Gartner survey reports that cloud users are more likely to store sensitive data in a SaaS solution as opposed to mission-critical information, while a recent InformationWeek Reports study of 300 technology professionals shows 55 percent of SaaS users are satisfied with their service reliability.

Despite identity management and data security problems fading away, business owners are still hesitant to make the transition to incorporate SaaS into their company, according to Creese. SaaS vendors are tackling these issues and taking the necessary steps for improvement. A number of SaaS vendors are beginning to offer cloud identity management to address user concerns. SaaS providers are also offering programs for easier access to business mobile applications based in the cloud. According to InformationWeek Reports, 49 percent of survey respondents find it difficult to upgrade company apps, and don't consider customization. As mobile devices become popular, a safe and easy-to-use method to update mobile applications is vital for businesses.

As with other types of cloud vendors, company owners still wary of storing information should make security a priority to ensure data protection. Password protection and encryption should be used to prevent possible breaches in a SaaS system.

Experts agree that SaaS integration will continue to rise among businesses. Companies that use SaaS are more satisfied with its capabilities, and organizations feel safer knowing security measures are in place to ensure data protection.

-McAfee Cloud Security