Hacker attempt reminds businesses to monitor computer security 

6 septembre 2012

Hackers recently have been seeking control of computer systems that belong to larger organizations. Sony, the Japanese electronics company, is the latest target for cybercriminals, according to reports.

Sony announced that hackers gained access to the names and addresses of 400 mobile customers based in China and Taiwan, according to PCWorld. Credit card and banking information, however, was not compromised. The company's spokesperson, Hiroshi Okubo, said that the company is currently investigating the data breach.

Sony admitted that they only noticed the breach in their system after a hacker group bragged about it on the text-sharing website Pastebin on September 3. Dark Reading's Brian Prince reported that the hacker group, called "HullCrew," claimed they were able to control eight separate company servers.

This marks the latest attack on Sony's computer system. The company was forced to shut down its gaming and entertainment networks last October after 93,000 user accounts were breached. In April, 100 million accounts were stolen from company databases. As a result, Sony is planning to update resources and expand its online services to improve security and relieve customer concerns.

A former hacker recently talked to Business Insider to discuss methods that companies should adopt to protect data from future attacks. Kevin Mitnick, a computer security consultant who served five years in prison for his hacking past, told the news service that businesses should outsource security consultants who can expertly install and monitor network security. He also said that company owners should educate themselves on how hackers bypass security measures to understand what to look for. Although it won't completely protect against threats, companies should review and update security systems at least once a year.

-McAfee Cloud Security