Data centers becoming more complex for businesses

18 septembre 2012

The introduction of the cloud and the bring-your-own-device movement has enlightened businesses with a new way of communicating, but as employees integrate these trends into their company's infrastructure, IT departments realize how complicated a virtual storage space has become.

According to a new State of the Data Center survey, conducted by a security company, 79 percent of organizations are experiencing an increase in complexity in a data center. As businesses generate more intelligence and use new technologies, it affects the reliability of a storage space. This survey also highlights the challenges that many companies face as a result of storing sensitive information, whether it is on a cloud-based platform, tape or hard drive.

Data center complexity is a result of the integration of mobile computing, virtualization and the cloud, according to the report. Forty-four percent of respondents even cited mobile computing as the top cause for concern.

Individuals surveyed also said that protection, disaster recovery and compliance were difficult to apply to a data center because there is so much information on a server. According to the report, nearly half of users noticed an increase in costs, while 35 percent said storage breaches and thefts have increased complexity.

Decrease complex data
Many organizations are taking the necessary steps to reduce the complexity level of their data centers. The most common initiative many are undertaking is the adoption of a governance strategy, which will allow for easier search ability and will cut the time and resources spent searching for materials in the event of an eDiscovery request. 

A disaster recovery plan can also prevent possible data breaches. The survey showed that an average organization experienced 16 outages within the past year, which resulted in the loss of $5.1 million, reported CIO. On average, 11 of the outages occurred because of high collected data volumes, which resulted in a system failure. Whether caused by a natural disaster, human error or complexity, a recovery plan ensures that all information is backed up to keep a business running for the long term.

For network security, company owners should take the time to determine what services an IT department requires to reduce costs and storage space. As complexity becomes a bigger issue for an organization, owners should institute the proper security and governance policies to organize data.

-McAfee Cloud Security