Consider Software-as-a-Service to store business applications

5 octobre 2012

When selecting a cloud service, most businesses integrate Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) into their infrastructures because of its ability to hold applications needed to run a company.

According to a recent report, Gartner predicted that SaaS adoption will rise through 2015 by a compound annual growth rate of 16.3 percent. As SaaS becomes in-demand, experts recommend organizations transfer their data into this cloud-based software.

Why SaaS?
Zilliant recently released a whitepaper outlining six reasons why companies should hire an SaaS provider, Wired Magazine reported. Business owners who store applications in the cloud instead of an on-premise software won't be required to purchase additional hardware, which will result in lower costs. Integrating SaaS also allows users to easily update services when new features become available, or if a business must adapt to changing needs. 

SaaS takes the burden of managing and maintaining applications off the shoulders of company owners. Instead, the vendor is responsible for creating security controls to ensure data protection, TechTarget reported.

Identity management
Although SaaS providers are in charge of cloud security, employers should take steps to protect their information. Experts recommend that owners research the available SaaS options and communicate with vendors to determine which meet the needs of their company. 

Decision-makers should also establish policies within their business that lay out which employees can use the cloud and when, to ensure governance, the president of ZapThink, Jason Bloomberg, told TechTarget. One way to do this is by employing identity management, which verifies a person's authorization before allowing him or her access to the cloud. 

A recent survey conducted by the Cloud Security Alliance and ISACA, a non-profit IT certification group, showed that more people are satisfied with SaaS (63 percent) than any other cloud-based service - 55 percent were happy with infrastructure as a service and only 43 percent liked platform as a service. The same survey predicts that it will take 3 more years before SaaS reaches maturity, however, as long as owners monitor their data and employ identity management, SaaS can help organizations work efficiently.

-McAfee Cloud Security