包括最新的 iPhone、iPad 和 Android 设备在内的各种移动设备充斥着员工的工作和个人生活,一台设备中会保留企业电子邮件、关键业务工具和公司的知识产权。伴随这种融合而生的还有一系列全新的安全管理挑战,包括围绕日益增多的各种新型移动设备平台的访问控制、合规性、数据保护及安全可扩展性等挑战。



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Enforcing Security on Smartphones and Tablets (English)
The McAfee EMM platform blends mobile device management with policy-managed endpoint security and compliance reporting in a seamless system, integrating smartphones and tablets into enterprise networks and security management.
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Identifying Rogue Devices (English)
The McAfee solution combines the advanced management and reporting features available within McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software with Rogue System Detection (a feature of McAfee ePO), and McAfee Vulnerability Manager.
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Protecting Intellectual Property - Email (English)
To block outsiders attempting to steal your valuables, McAfee offers robust antispam and antimalware, with real-time threat assessments by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, minimizing the chance that your users will receive or click on phishing emails or malicious attachments that could open your infrastructure to a targeted attack.
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Secure Your Macs (English)
The McAfee solution uses one management console, one vulnerability scanning appliance, and one agent on each endpoint system. The agent manages the endpoint security products. For further efficiencies, we offer optional integration with other McAfee solutions and McAfee Security Innovation Alliance partner solutions for endpoint protection.
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Securing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (English)
Conquer performance issues related to implementing antivirus solutions in virtualized desktop infrastructures (VDI). McAfee offers a practical way to efficiently integrate antivirus in VDI by offloading virtual desktop antivirus operations to a centralized system and integrating VDI security with the broader enterprise security infrastructure.
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Tuning Infrastructure for MDM (English)
McAfee helps enterprises build secure, scalable, and highly available mobile device management deployments. McAfee mobile solutions enable multiple points of access and corporate email use that can accommodate the additional network utilization from mobile devices.
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