Independent Insurance Company Ensures Internet Safety and Employee Productivity with the McAfee SaaS Web Protection Service

Established in 1929, Ademino & Associates is an independent insurance agency based in Kimberly, Wisconsin, offering insurance protection to customers in the Fox River Valley.

Inundated with adware, spyware, and viruses
Ademino & Associates was being attacked by spyware, malware, Trojans and other web-based threats. With no proactive security measures in place, the company’s informational assets were at risk. In addition, malware-infected computers became inefficient, slow and often unusable, creating a productivity drain on employees and IT staff. Ademino & Associates used adware and spyware cleanup tools, but these reactive desktop solutions did nothing to prevent malware from infecting computers on the corporate network.

“I spent a lot of time cleaning up computers that had been tampered with by spyware, malware and other junk,” recalls Kirk Morschauser, Ademino & Associates’ IT Manager and Systems Administrator. “I was ready to stop wasting time reacting to these threats and start being more productive.” Morschauser estimates that on average, three desktops per week needed adware, spyware or virus removal. These infections equaled 30 to 60 minutes of IT time wasted per incident, and 30 to 60 minutes of lost selling time per incident.

Adding to the problem, Ademino & Associates had no practical way to enforce an Internet usage policy or to restrict employees from surfing inappropriate websites. This is not an uncommon problem for business today: According to IDC, 30 percent to 40 percent of all web surfing in the workplace is not business related. This unrestricted “cyber slacking” not only exposed Ademino & Associates to greater potential risk from web-based threats, it also diminished employee productivity.

Offsite, flexible, and scalable—the perfect solution
Morschauser knew that Ademino & Associates needed effective protection from web-based threats, and also needed the ability to prevent employee access to websites that were most likely to deliver malicious content. He had worked extensively with web defense services at other companies, and knew that these solutions can require substantial administrative time to set up and maintain.

For this reason, Morschauser wanted to find a managed web protection service that would work as smoothly as McAfee SaaS Email Protection (formerly MX Logic® Email Defense Service), which Ademino & Associates has used since July 2004 to effectively manage email. Cost-effective and easy to use, SaaS Email Protection stops unwanted email messages before they can enter or leave an organization’s messaging infrastructure and, as a web protection service, eliminates maintenance issues and expenses such as server upgrades and software updates.

“I like the way SaaS Email Protection works, so I called McAfee to find out if they had a web protection solution available,” Morschauser says. “It was great timing—McAfee was just developing its SaaS Web Protection and needed customers for beta testing.”

Morschauser then presented the problem—and the SaaS Web Protection solution—to the company’s CEO, Dave Ademino. “I informed him of the damage and expense Ademino & Associates faced by not having a web protection solution in place and by not enforcing Internet usage policies,” Morschauser recalls. “I also convinced him that, for a growing operation like ours, the McAfee solution is the perfect way to go. It’s offsite, scalable and flexible, and requires no software maintenance or license management.”

"Our results have been fantastic —McAfee SaaS Web Protection is making the Internet safer and it’s making our employees more productive."

Kirk Morschauser
IT Manager and Systems Administrator, Ademino & Associates

A single integrated interface manages both email and web security
McAfee SaaS Web Protection provides content filtering and threat protection against spyware, viruses and phishing attacks. It’s easy-to-use, centralized administration platform—the McAfee Control Console—is the same policy configuration and reporting platform that manages McAfee SaaS Email Protection. This enables companies that use both services, like Ademino & Associates, to control email and web security from one integrated interface.

SaaS Web Protection offers both URL filtering and malware detection in the cloud. It protects networks from spyware, viruses and phishing attacks and detects when spyware has been installed on a customer’s computer. And it gives customers the ability to block nearly 100 categories of inappropriate content and has a dynamic real-time rating system that can categorize newly created sites “on the fly.” In addition, a Safe Search option closes a common loophole in URL filters by forcing leading search engines to remove sexually explicit content from returned search results.

Web traffic is proactively scanned for malicious content
McAfee SaaS Web Protection scans all Ademino & Associates web traffic for malicious content. This protects the company, improves the performance of its computers, and enables Morschauser to spend his time more strategically.

In addition, employees are now prevented from visiting unproductive website categories that are more likely to deliver malicious content, such as gambling, games, pornography, personals, dating, and instant messaging. Webmail attachments, a common source of malware infection, are scanned before they are downloaded to the corporate network.

Securing a more productive workplace
Since implementing McAfee SaaS Web Protection, Ademino & Associates has experienced no adware, spyware or virus infections. Also, company productivity has increased because employees can no longer freely surf the web. As a result, the computers now run more efficiently and Morschauser can now turn his attention towards more strategic activities than cleaning computers.

“Our results have been fantastic,” Morschauser says. “McAfee SaaS Web Protection is making the Internet safer. It’s making our employees more productive and it’s made my life a lot easier.”

Ademino & Associates

Customer profile

Independent insurance agency



IT environment

Corporate network


The company needed to decrease its exposure to web-based threats, reduce the amount of time spent by IT cleaning infected machines, improve computer speed and performance, and enforce appropriate Internet usage policies

McAfee solution

McAfee SaaS Web Protection
(formerly MX Logic® Web Defense Service)


  • Eliminated web-based threats
  • IT staff can now devote time to strategic initiatives and employees can focus on doing their jobs
  • Improved computer speed and performance