McAfee Maximum Access

Most large or highly visible organizations — especially marquee brands and governments — face threats created specifically for them by cybercriminals and cyber terrorists. Enhance your McAfee technical support experience with exclusive, personalized attention from the world’s leading security research team.

McAfee Maximum Access provides custom threat research and mitigations from the experts at McAfee Labs. Your dedicated researcher works with you — onsite or on call (remotely) — to help you understand vulnerabilities and threats affecting your environment, strengthen your security, and counter the most advanced risks. Whether you need help developing custom checks to validate compliance, assistance with unique signatures that detect targeted attacks, or cutting-edge threat research to guide strategic security risk management and planning, your McAfee Labs personal researcher is ready to help. Maximum Access offers:

  • Private, dedicated, secure channel to market-leading research — Your McAfee Labs researcher will apply the collective experience from a global, multi-disciplinary threat research team versed in all attack vectors — malware, spam, phishing, web security, network, and host intrusions. Your researcher will then team with specialists in network behavioral analysis, vulnerabilities, and regulatory compliance checks to bring you pertinent information.

  • Unbiased evaluation and applied understanding of risks — Your McAfee dedicated specialist will gain intimate knowledge of your environment, perform independent analyses of risks, and develop threat intelligence and compliance insights that help you gauge the potential impact of emerging attacks.

  • Assessments of partners’ compliance and security risks — Your McAfee researcher can analyze your business partners’ applications to identify and mitigate potential risks to your systems and data.

  • Unique signatures and custom policy checks for compliance — Receive real-time development of content to defend against targeted attacks and malware, or development of automated rules to enforce regulatory and governance controls.

  • Accelerated, tuned responses for immediate remediation — Your McAfee team will coordinate with other McAfee support members to take immediate action when outbreaks or attacks threaten your environment or put you at risk of noncompliance.

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Choose the Maximum Access program that suits your needs:

  Maximum Access
Maximum Access
Understanding of your requirements and security risk profile
Priority analysis of samples you submit
Insight into malware trends through regular threat briefings
Increased visibility for your security team into emerging threat landscape
Knowledge transfer to your security team of current security technologies and research principles
Bi-weekly conference call briefing with your researcher
Weekly written update on content relevant to you
Close work with any assigned customer support representatives for any issues escalated to McAfee Labs
Better analysis of your environment and how it could be exploited by malware attacks  
Private and secure channel with McAfee Labs research for malware analysis and submissions  
Real-time content generation in your local environment  
Real-time identification of new attacks and/or attack vectors  
Evaluation and deployment of honeypots in your environment  
Dedicated hours of access 250 hours per quarter N/A

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