McAfee Cares Areas of Focus

In addition to cybersecurity and education initiatives, McAfee Cares supports causes that promote health initiatives, including disaster relief and the environment.

McAfee Cares' support of healthcare initiatives includes direct grants to relief organizations following natural disasters — including the 2010 earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, matching employee donations to health-related causes, and encouraging employee-led fundraising drives and activities that provide financial assistance to a variety of charities. Our support extends to nonprofit organizations around the globe, including groups that focus on children's health, cancer research, mental health, and hospice services.

McAfee supports a healthy and sustainable environment by using less material, recycling, lowering energy use, and eliminating harmful materials in our products. A third-party assessment of our carbon footprint helps guide the company in operating our business and facilities in a sustainable manner. In addition to corporate practices that reduce McAfee's carbon footprint, McAfee Cares has supported organizations that promote green initiatives, including and Ecocap (Japan), and our employees regularly donate their time to environmental cleanup projects.

  • Energy use — To reduce our energy use, we implemented energy-saving programs in McAfee offices around the world, including energy-efficient office lighting programs and the use of Energy Star-certified products. We also implemented power management on all corporate computers and took significant steps to reduce the energy use of our data centers. In addition, all new computer monitors purchased are LCDs, which use less energy than CRTs.

  • Product materials and packaging — Much of McAfee's security software is delivered to customers through Internet downloads, but some of our products still ship as packages of software and/or hardware. Producing hardware often involves the use of certain sensitive materials. McAfee has worked with our suppliers and hardware manufacturers to comply with the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. McAfee is compliant with the EU's RoHS Directive as of July 2006; the company is compliant with China's RoHS regulations as of March 2007.

  • Recycling — McAfee manages recycling programs throughout our global offices. These programs include recycling of paper, plastics, shipping boxes, IT equipment, and other e-waste, including hard drives, CDs, and toner cartridges. McAfee is also compliant with the EU's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive on electronic waste. In addition, we are looking for ways to incorporate post-consumer materials into our product packaging by moving toward delivering our high-end enterprise products (both software and hardware) using brown recycled packaging.

  • Waste reduction — McAfee aims to minimize waste generated by product packaging. Our efforts include distributing more products and updates electronically. This is a win for all stakeholders. Our customers can order, receive, and install products immediately, while we benefit through cost savings in product packaging. And we all benefit from reduced packaging waste and lower emissions from delivery vehicles. For products offered in retail outlets, McAfee was an early adopter in the software industry of smaller, less wasteful packaging.