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Watch. Listen. Learn. Keep up with the latest McAfee product announcements, technology advances, and security initiatives. Our collection of videos, tutorials, and podcasts showcases McAfee’s industry-leading security solutions and technologies, from overviews on product features and deep-dive Quick Tips videos, to exclusive interviews with industry leaders and commentary from McAfee security experts.

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A Day in the Life of McAfee Security—Customer Testimonials: Learn why our customers trust McAfee to safeguard systems and networks.

Consumerization of IT: Secure and manage the latest platforms and devices to drive enterprise productivity.

Tutorial—McAfee Web Gateway: How to create custom URL filtering categories and exception lists to suit organizational policy needs.

Embedded Security for Medical Devices: Learn about McAfee’s approach and implementation strategy to embedded security on medical devices. Technologies featured include: Embedded Control and McAfee Deep Command.

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  • Signature-less IPS Defenses
    April 15, 2014
    Your IPS needs both signature and signature-less defenses.
  • Securing the Internet of Things
    April 3, 2014
    EVP & CTO Mike Fey discusses McAfee’s approach to securing the Internet of Things.
  • McAfee & Siemens Team Up to Provide Industrial Security
    April 2, 2014
    EVP & CTO Mike Fey discusses how McAfee and Siemens are extending their partnership to enhance the security offerings for industrial customers to protect against rapidly evolving global cyber threats.
  • Beat Advanced Malware. Find. Freeze. Fix.
    February 1, 2014
    Outdated methods of malware detection leave crucial data at risk. Learn how McAfee solutions can prevent advanced malware attacks and protect valued assets.
  • Trends in Advanced Malware
    January 15, 2014
    Jon Oltsik, Sr. Principle analyst, Security at ESG talks about today’s trends in advanced malware, detection options, and the importance of integration between endpoint and network solutions for protection, context and increased ability to respond. Jon shares his impression of McAfee Advanced Threat Defense.
  • Web Application Control: Controlling the Functionality of Online Applications
    January 15, 2014
    Acceptable usage policies are a vital element of any organization’s security architecture. This video demonstrates McAfee Web Protection’s web application control capability that enables a system administrator to selectively enable/disable specific application functions, such as not allowing employees to listen to YouTube music videos. The video also demonstrates how McAfee Web Protection can automatically encrypt files containing sensitive data before uploading them to external cloud-based file sharing/collaboration sites.
  • The Importance of Customer Feedback
    December 18, 2013
    Barry McPherson, EVP, WW Delivery and Support Services, speaks about the importance of customer feedback at McAfee.
  • McAfee Email Protection: Configuring ClickProtect for Click-Time Link Scanning demo
    November 5, 2013
    This demo will show you how to configure ClickProtect in three simple steps. ClickProtect is the click-time link scanning feature in McAfee Email Protection that helps you elevate your level of protection against phishing and advanced malware.
  • McAfee, Intel & Windriver Collaborate on the Internet of Things
    October 8, 2013
    The Internet of Things (IoT) offers new opportunities for businesses of all sizes and across virtually all industries to develop new services, enhance productivity, improve real-time decision making, solve critical problems and create new consumer experiences. As new devices become connected every day that use various operating systems collect a variety of data, companies are challenged with addressing fragmentation, interoperability and intelligence at the edge. To address these challenges, the McAfee Embedded team is working with Intel and Wind River to deliver a comprehensive hardware and software strategy to unlock the data from the device through the network to the cloud.
  • Building Trust through Security
    September 4, 2013
    Leverage this video to learn how to build consumer trust through online security