Manage Risk and Security

Assess. Respond. Monitor. Get proactive about risk management.

Fragmented and reactive. Does this describe your security posture? Even with an increased focus on information security and risk management, companies continue to be vulnerable to security risks that expose customer data and internal assets.

Historically, enterprises have taken a very reactive and tactical approach to implement security and risk programs, deploying point-security solutions only after an incident and loss of data. Such fragmented technologies fail to provide adequate protection across heterogeneous IT infrastructures, leaving companies exposed across unsupported systems, especially as many of the critical business processes are moved to the cloud.

This solution guide addresses the importance of implementing a strategic security and risk management program focused on prevention and protection, reducing incidents and risks across the enterprise, across every device, and across the entire IT infrastructure. It outlines the basics of deploying security complete with automated assessment, strategic responses to issues or potential risks, and proactive monitoring across the entire enterprise — a security model that helps mitigate risks and incidents before they occur.

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