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Incident response starts with planning. How does your organization stack up?

Government IT security strategy is transforming. It must, in order to keep up with increasingly sophisticated and persistent threats, increasingly connected and mobile users, and a maturing understanding of effective risk management approaches.

  • Today’s well-funded and organized criminals bombard an attack surface that now includes interconnected tactical networks, global operational systems, and a cloud-based supply chain
  • More users — employees, joint information environment partners, citizens, and vendors — need more rapid yet reliable and secure access to more sensitive information
  • Whether the mission is defense, civilian, energy, state and local government, or healthcare, mandates and regulations like FISMA/CAESARS, FDCC/USGCB, HIPAA, and GPG 13 are encouraging an emphasis on mission assurance
  • Continuing economic pressures require investments that augment security without adding cost and complexity


To meet these demands, McAfee Public Sector solutions help government agencies balance resources and security goals. McAfee solutions integrate, consolidate, and automate IT security operations to reduce cost while providing the visibility and intelligence necessary for better situational awareness. With these core requirements under control, organizations can optimize, evolving from reactive firefighting to information superiority based on continuous and intelligent risk-based management and compliance processes. As needs change, the same secure but extensible framework enables expanded services, including transparent, confidential communication with citizens and joint information environment partners.

Defense Enterprise

As defense relies more heavily on technology to conduct missions, McAfee security solutions and monitoring capabilities extend security from the foxhole through the defense supply chain to support mission assurance. McAfee solutions include:


Central Government (Civilian)

McAfee helps civil governments defend their enterprise and operational networks against attacks while securing data centers, networks, devices, and cloud services against disruption and data loss.



McAfee Critical Infrastructure solutions help secure control systems, protect smart grids, and safeguard critical assets and data, while ensuring compliance to the latest industry regulations.


System Integrators

McAfee partners play a vital role in delivering McAfee solutions and support to public sector customers worldwide, leveraging our open platform and pre-integrated solutions to deploy customized risk management offerings.

State and Local Government

McAfee state and local government solutions help agencies protect sensitive and regulated information, meet regulatory requirements, and continuously secure networks and endpoints against known and emerging threats.



McAfee solutions for healthcare reduce risk and provide strong IT controls, leading to greater operational efficiency in safeguarding patient data. McAfee solutions are flexible enough to address the increasing demands and security concerns within healthcare environments, without hindering performance.