Supplier Ethics Expectations

McAfee expects all McAfee employees and suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct and ethical expectations, regardless of local business practices or social customs. Read a letter from McAfee reminding our suppliers of these expectations.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel, McAfee has adopted the same core business philosophy as Intel. Our core business philosophy is to conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism. This includes:

  • Strict compliance with the law
  • Respect for competition
  • No actual or perceived conflicts of interests

McAfee expects its suppliers to meet its ethics expectations. Suppliers must:

  • Comply with McAfee’s ethical expectations and the Electronics Industry Supply Chain Code of Conduct
  • Ensure that any current or new employees who interact with McAfee understand the expectations for doing business with McAfee. Train your employees on McAfee’s ethics expectations and ensure they follow them.

To learn more about Intel and McAfee’s ethics expectations for suppliers, watch a video message from Bob Bruck, vice president of technology manufacturing engineering at Intel.

We take corporate governance and business ethics seriously. Learn more about our corporate governance, policies, and guidelines.

The Code of Conduct serves as a compass for our employees, directors, and business partners to consistently act with uncompromising integrity as we build trusted relationships around the world.
Read the Code of Conduct .

Electronics Industry Supply Chain Code of Conduct (EICC)

Understand Intel’s EICC commitment, conflict minerals policy, and expectations of all our suppliers.

Supplier Ethics Training Materials

Ensure that your employees understand and follow our ethical expectations and the EICC. Train your employees on this material, and when hiring, train your new employees.

Reporting an Ethics Concern

Suppliers are expected to report concerns regarding ethical issues or violations of our Code of Conduct.

  • By /McAfee employee(s)
  • By their own employees
  • By another supplier

Learn more about reporting an ethical concern.