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McAfee Enterprise Security Manager — the foundation of the security information and event management (SIEM) solution family from McAfee — delivers the performance, actionable intelligence, and real-time situational awareness at the speed and scale required for security organizations to identify, understand, and respond to stealthy threats, while the embedded compliance framework simplifies compliance.

Advanced threat intelligence — Whether its network traffic, user activity, or application use, any variation from normal activity could indicate a threat is imminent and that your data or infrastructure is at risk. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager calculates baseline activity for all collected information in real time and provides prioritized alerts of potential threats before they occur, while also analyzing data for patterns that may indicate a larger threat. It also leverages contextual information, such as vulnerability scans and identity and authentication management systems, and enriches each event with that context for a better understanding of how security events can impact business processes.

Critical facts in minutes, not hours — Our highly-tuned database appliance can collect, process, and correlate billions of log events from multiple years with other data streams at the speed enterprises require. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager is able to store billions of events and flows, keeping all information available for immediate ad hoc queries, forensics, rules validation, and compliance.

Built for big data — Mining big data to find critical security information is a key SIEM requirement. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager leverages these large volumes of security data and goes far beyond pattern matching to provide long-term indicators of compromise and actionable threat intelligence.

Simplify Compliance — Eliminate time-consuming manual processes with centralized and automated compliance monitoring and reporting. Additionally, integration with the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) enables a “collect once, comply with many” methodology for meeting compliance requirements and keeping audit efforts and expense to a minimum.

Connecting Your IT Infrastructure — While McAfee SIEM solutions collect valuable data from hundreds of types of security vendor devices across an infrastructure, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager also offers active integrations with: McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) for policy-based endpoint management, McAfee Network Security Manager for intrusion prevention, and McAfee Vulnerability Manager for vulnerability scanning and remediation. With these integrations, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager can automate many first response actions, helping organizations respond to attacks more quickly and efficiently.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager is integrated with McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and unlike standard security approaches the pairing provides organizations with detailed, closed-loop workflow from discovery to containment. Based on endpoint monitoring, McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange aggregates low prevalence attacks, leveraging global, third party and local threat intelligence.

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (McAfee GTI) integration with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager includes data from McAfee Labs with more than 100 million global threat sensors, offering a constantly updated feed of known malicious IP addresses.

SIEM tools are key to improving incident response

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Features & Benefits

Monitor one complete picture of security activity

Real-time and historical visibility for comprehensive threat detection and response. Use one environment to consolidate, correlate, and report on security information from heterogeneous devices at lightning speed.

Manage evolving threats with confidence

Advanced analytics and data enrichment turn data into security intelligence. Integrate McAfee Global Threat Intelligence services and McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager for a prioritized view of events, assets, and countermeasures.

Know how network and security events correlate to real business processes and policies

Provide contextual information (vulnerability scanners, identity, authentication management systems, privacy solutions, or other supported systems) to enrich each event with context, allowing for a better understanding of how network and security events correlate to real business processes and policies.

Set policies, rules, and thresholds that will generate alerts and launch mitigations

Drive instant corrective action, such as issuing new configurations, implementing new policies, and deploying software updates.

Reduce audit effort and expense for multiple regulations

Consolidate audit and compliance activities for over 240 regulations within a single pane of glass for continuous governance and rapid reporting.

Collect the data and context you need throughout your enterprise

Leverage our custom-built database engine and integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software to extend visibility and control across your entire security and compliance management environment.

System Requirements

Scalable deployment options — Hybrid delivery choices include physical and virtual appliances. For McAfee Enterprise Security Manager integration information, see the ESM Integration data sheet.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Hardware Appliance Specifications*
McAfee Enterprise Security Manager X6 McAfee Enterprise Security Manager X4 McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 6000 McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 5600 McAfee Enterprise Security, Enterprise Log Manager and Event Receiver 4600 Combination McAfee Enterprise Security, Enterprise Log Manager and Event Receiver 5600 Combination McAfee Enterprise Security, Enterprise Log Manager and Event Receiver 6000 Combination
Collection Rates 360,000 events per second1 180,000 events per second1 84,000 events per second1 60,000 events per second1 1,200 events per second1 3,000 events per second1 6,000 events per second1
Local Storage 14 TB2 + 3.2 TB SSD3 14 TB2 + 800 GB SSD3 14 TB2 + 480 GB SSD3 8 TB2 + 480 GB SSD3 3 TB2 + 480 GB SSD3 8 TB2 + 480 GB SSD3 14 TB2 + 480 GB SSD3

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Virtual Appliance Specifications*
McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 32 Core VM McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 12 Core VM McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 8 Core VM McAfee Enterprise Security, Enterprise Log Manager and Event Receiver 8 Core VM Combination McAfee Enterprise Security, Enterprise Log Manager and Event Receiver 12 Core VM Combination    
Collection Rates 85,000 events per second1 40,000 events per second1 1,500 events per second1 1,000 events per second1 5,000 events per second1    
Recommended Storage 2 TB2 + 800 GB SSD3 500 GB2 + 480 GB SSD3 250 GB2 250 GB2 500 GB2 + 480 GB SSD3    


  1. Based on typical network environments using average event and flow aggregation.
  2. Represents usable event and flow storage, after RAID configuration.
  3. Minimum 50K IOPS for SSD; additional storage should be a minimum of 100 IOPS.

*The product specifications and descriptions herein are provided for information only, are subject to change without notice, and are provided without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.

Demos / Tutorials


Built for big security data, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence for McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) puts the power of McAfee Labs directly into the security monitoring flow using McAfee’s high-speed, highly intelligent security information and event management (SIEM) solution.

Awards / Reviews

McAfee Positioned as a Leader by Gartner in MQ for SIEM Based on Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute

The security information and event management (SIEM) market is defined by the customer's need to analyze security event data in real time for internal and external threat management, and to collect, store, analyze and report on log data for regulatory compliance and forensics. The vendors that are included in Gartner’s analysis have technologies that have been designed for this purpose, and they actively market and sell these technologies to the security buying center.

SC Magazine Awards 2013
McAfee Enterprise Security Manager Gets 5-Star Rating by SC Magazine

The McAfee Enterprise Security Manager is able to gather, store, and analyze logs and data from a large amount of sources and then correlate events based on rules, possible risk, or historical trends.

Customer Stories

Airport Cologne Bonn

The Cologne Bonn Airport is optimizing its IT security with the help of the SIEM solution from McAfee.

  • Extended options for Security Incident Response and Forensic processes
  • Results-based analyses
  • Improved options for auditing and compliance tasks
  • Automatic and targeted handling of threats and faults

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)

CDCR streamlines its security management with our Security Connected strategy.

  • Compliance with policy standards.
  • Dashboards enable centralized security management and provide easy access for executive reporting.

City of Chicago

The City of Chicago’s recently formed Information Security Office (ISO) is charged with overseeing cybersecurity across all areas of the city, including critical infrastructure within the water, aviation, and public safety departments.

  • Maximized staff resources.
  • Malware incidents reduced by 2,000%.
  • Centralized management and analysis.
  • Integrated security event logging that captures events throughout the environment.

DTS Systeme GmbH

With McAfee Enterprise Security Manager it is possible for DTS to get a current, real-time overview of the security situation while offering the necessary scalability.

  • Faster detection of risks
  • Targeted and faster reaction to potential risks
  • Reduction of administrative expenses
  • 50% less time required for security event management

Eagle Rock Energy

Eagle Rock Energy Partners is an energy company focused on upstream activities, including oil and gas drilling, production, and development. Eagle Rock has working oil and gas properties and development opportunities in the midcontinent area, Permian, and southeast regions of Texas, as well as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Southern Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

  • Integrated security architecture paves the way for business expansion.
  • Comprehensive threat detection ensures that security events from every source are noted and logged.
  • The combination of McAfee Web Gateway and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense thwarts inbound threats from the Internet.
  • Intrusion prevention monitors both external and internal activity.

Government of New Brunswick

When taken as a whole, GNB represents a very large and successful deployment of McAfee® security solutions.

    • 95% reduction in the time required to resolve workstation issues.
    • A modular solution that supports a limited budget and a tiered SIEM service offering.
    • Compatibility with all security datagenerating devices throughout the broader organization.
    • Greater accountability to key stakeholders.

Macquarie Telecom

McAfee solutions offer integrated protection from distributed denial-of service (DDoS) threats at the Macquarie Telecom perimeter.

  • Fully integrated security platform easily managed from a central dashboard.
  • Visibility and control for clients over their hosted security environments.
  • Competitive advantage through partnership with a trusted technology provider.


McAfee integrates NitroSecurity products into its portfolio, improving its SIEM offering.

  • Significantly shortens time to analyze security events from four to six days to less than 10 minutes
  • Decreases time to produce PCI compliance reports from eight to 12 hours to 10 minutes
  • Saves administrative time and manual maintenance while eliminating unnecessary activities
  • Facilitates disaster recovery and allows for proper use of virtual machines
  • Improves the organization’s overall security posture in the industry

San Francisco Police Credit Union

The monitoring, correlation, alerting, and reporting capabilities of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager met all of the requirements of SFPCU's internal auditors.

  • Faster, easier compliance with GLBA and NCUA Part 748.
  • Automated and on-demand reporting.
  • Fast troubleshooting and remediation.
  • Comprehensive security management without increasing headcount.

State of Alaska

The State of Alaska saved money by consolidating with McAfee products.

  • Saved a projected $3.8 million and improved operational and team efficiency
  • Dramatically improved security posture without increasing headcount
  • Allowed for greater budget predictability with the flexibility to adapt and grow security as needs change

State of Colorado

McAfee ePO software enables State of Colorado to administer everything from virus scans to the agent that pulls inventory for software and more.

  • Aggressively achieved first five controls per set goal
  • Ability to administer virus scans and obtain software inventory with McAfee ePO software
  • Vulnerability ranking within McAfee Enterprise Security Manager allows for more immediate and effective remediation

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) offers programs in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, biomedicine and health sciences.

  • Extensible compliance reporting.
  • Block thousands of attacks.
  • Security audits in minutes.
  • Improve visibility and productivity.

The Standard for a Vastly Improved Security Posture

McAfee SIEM reduces administrative, analytic, and compliance time.

  • Provides the highest level of visibility and situational awareness to protect critical information and infrastructure
  • Achieves PCI compliance
  • Leverages virtual machines in the McAfee security infrastructure.


Volusion creates comprehensive and scalable security and compliance strategies with McAfee SIEM.

  • Scaled to support growth.
  • Query 300 million events in five seconds.
  • Decreased maintenance time by 40%.

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Data Sheets

Enterprise Security Manager

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.

McAfee SIEM Supported Devices

For a technical summary on the McAfee product integration listed above, please view the product data sheet.

SIEM Solutions from McAfee

Continuously monitor, identify, investigate, and resolve threats.

McAfee Collector Plug-in

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.

McAfee Solution Services

Essential Services for McAfee SIEM Solutions


SANS Top 20 Critical Controls Poster

The top 20 critical controls for effective cyberdefense.


McAfee rated in Gartner Critical Capabilities for SIEM.

As a companion to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM, the Gartner Critical Capabilities report for SIEM helps IT security organizations compare their requirements with the most common SIEM use cases. Discover in-depth how Gartner rates McAfee SIEM by critical capabilities.

When Minutes Count

How experts fight advanced threats with real-time SIEM and identification of eight key indicators of attack.

SANS Analytics and Intelligence Survey

This paper explores the use of analytics and intelligence today and exposes the impediments to successful implementation. Organizations that are deploying analytics and intelligence properly are experiencing faster response and detection times, as well as greater visibility. However, many are confused about how to integrate and automate their intelligence collection processes.

McAfee Positioned in Leaders Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for SIEM

Broad adoption of SIEM technology is being driven by the need to detect threats and breaches, as well as by compliance needs. Early breach discovery requires effective user activity, data access and application activity monitoring. Vendors are improving threat intelligence and security analytics. Leading analyst firm Gartner has placed McAfee as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management.

[Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.]

Gartner Report: Designing an Adaptive Security Architecture for Protection from Advanced Attacks

Most enterprise security protection efforts and products have focused primarily on blocking and prevention techniques as well as on policy-based controls to block threats. However, perfect prevention is impossible. Advanced targeted attacks are easily bypassing traditional firewalls and signature-based prevention mechanisms. All organizations should now assume that they are in a state of continuous compromise.

SIEM: Keeping Pace with Big Security Data

How Intelligent and scalable SIEM solutions help IT security professionals stay on top of an ever-evolving, data-driven environment. A report from McAfee and CIO.

Security Management 2.0—Time to Replace Your SIEM?

This report takes a candid look at triggers for considering a new security management platform, walking through each aspect of the decision, and presenting a process to migrate.

Solution Briefs

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, Services Solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager offers the advanced scalability, flexibility, and control you need to protect your customers’ business, and grow yours.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager and McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange

Deliver Context-Aware, Prioritized Threat Intelligence Across Your Enterprise.

A Case for the Value of SIEM: The Security Evolution

With the advent of big data, traditional SIEM solutions that focus only on logging and compliance reporting fall short of the demands of today’s enterprises for threat intelligence, correlation, and remediation. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, the core of the McAfee SIEM solution, is both smart and fast. Its proprietary information management back end, purpose-built for managing big data, offers the critical combination of intelligence and speed.

Manage Risk and Security

This solution guide addresses the importance of implementing a strategic security and risk management program focused on prevention and protection, reducing incidents and risks across the enterprise, across every device, and across the entire IT infrastructure.

SIEM Compliance Made Easy

The McAfee SIEM solution, Enterprise Security Manager, addresses today’s complex compliance challenges by combining an established unified compliance framework with superior abilities to collect, retrieve, and protect the data required to assess and demonstrate compliance in real time. It’s tightly integrated log collection, management, analysis, and reporting improves an organization’s ability to meet compliance requirements through frameworks, streamlined workflow, and automation.

SIEM: Five Requirements that Solve the Bigger Business Issues

McAfee spoke with SIEM users and asked them to tell us about their primary issues with SIEM. This brief lists the top five issues along with corresponding customer case studies and use cases.

Supercharge Your Security with IPS and SIEM

McAfee Network Security Platform and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager bring together real-time network protection, enterprise-wide situational awareness, and a responsive, investigation platform — in a seamlessly integrated solution that identifies and blocks more threats while ensuring rapid response to successful attacks as they emerge.

Technology Blueprints

Investigate Data Breaches

McAfee enables enterprises to collect, analyze, and preserve security forensic information. With a solution that includes content- and context-aware SIEM, McAfee provides alerts to security events, as well analysis on how the attacked occurred, affected users, and compromised data — so you can better understand the severity of a security breach.

Achieve Situational Awareness

The McAfee solution has two primary components: McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, with additional integrations to extend visibility and control across the entire security and compliance management environment.

Look Inside Network Traffic

The McAfee solution has two primary components: McAfee Firewall Enterprise and McAfee Network Security Platform. The McAfee Firewall and the IPS appliance both have add-on features that can optimize your visibility into the network. McAfee SIEM and other optional products help extend visibility and analytics to more aspects of network traffic.

White Papers

Low Hanging Fruits: The Top Five Easiest Ways to Hack or Get Hacked

How familiar are you with low-hanging fruit — the easiest ways for attackers to gain entry to your network and potentially run off with your valuable data? This white paper explores penetration tests that you can perform at your organization to gain an understanding of how to apply the proper defenses to prevent exploitation of the top five low-hanging fruit.

Achieving Security through Compliance

This paper will illustrate how a well-structured security governance program with fully developed and implemented policies, plans, and procedures will strengthen an organization’s security posture.

SANS White Paper: Be Ready for a Breach with Intelligent Response

How do we get more visibility into attacks across our environments, improve our response, and reduce response time? The solution is automating functions that should be automated and connecting the dots between detection systems and response. Connecting these dots and applying intelligence provides responders rich context into the observed behaviors for taking action. Integrating these processes improves accuracy, while reducing time, manpower, and costs involved in detecting and managing events. This white paper explores how to achieve this.

SANS Survey: Incident Response – How to Fight Back

SANS recently surveyed incident response (IR) teams to get a clearer picture of what they're up against today. The results are in; most organizations lack formalized IR plans, they expressed a need to collect and correlate threat intelligence and SIEM tools are their focus for improving IR capabilities.

Conquer the Top 20 Critical Security Controls

Critical Security Controls (CSCs) help organizations break down operational silos by providing a pragmatic blueprint detailing where to focus efforts to achieve the greatest results. This white paper maps the quick wins within the first five CSCs to associated McAfee products, services, and partner solution capabilities — all part of the Security Connected platform.

Security Management 2.5 – Replacing Your SIEM Yet?

This paper will walk you through the entire process — from soup to nuts — of evaluating, selecting, and deploying a SIEM. It offers pragmatic advice on how to get it done based on years working through this process as both consumers and vendors of SIEM technology. The process is not always painless, but we are certain it will help you avoid foundering on bad technology and inter-office politics. You owe it to yourself and your organization to ask the right questions and to get answers. It is time to slay the sacred cow of your substantial SIEM investment, and to figure out your best path forward.

Advanced Targeted Attacks: It Takes a System

Adaptive intelligence and real-time communications orchestrate protection in the McAfee Security Connected Platform.

SANS Institute: Correlating Event Data for Vulnerability Detection & Remediation

Learn how network attacks can be avoided by utilizing a SIEM platform that combines historical data with real-time data from network sources and security policies to provide context around application usage, user behaviors, and other operations — for better, more accurate reporting.

SANS Institute: Correlating Event Data for Vulnerability Detection & Remediation

Learn how network attacks can be avoided by utilizing a SIEM platform that combines historical data with real-time data from network sources and security policies to provide context around application usage, user behaviors, and other operations — for better, more accurate reporting.

Log Management—The Foundation for Federal Security and Compliance

In this paper, we will explore the fundamental requirements for a sound log management solution and review some examples of less than optimum product deployments. Finally, we will examine what a US federal agency should be looking for in an extensible log management strategy, and propose a workable solution for tighter integration into and support of an organization’s applicable and prospective security and compliance programs and initiatives.

Need for Speed: Streamlining Response and Reaction to Attacks

Today’s faster, newer and greatly improved malicious user requires a faster, newer and greatly improved response. Smarter attackers require more intelligent countermeasures, including faster and more reliable analysis, to react to security issues.

Security Intelligence in Action: SANS Review of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) 9.2

Read SANS review of McAfee’s Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) 9.2 with a focus on fundamental SIEM features and capabilities to meet the demand for security and threat intelligence.

Emergency Incident Response: 10 Common Mistakes of Incident Responders

This paper summarizes the top 10 incident response mistakes in the field, highlights issues so you can review your incident response practices, and determines whether you suffer from these shortcomings.