McAfee SECURE Service for Websites

Avoid Damaging Security Breaches and Reduce Operational Anxiety


Let the McAfee SECURE trustmark help turn browsers into buyers. With McAfee SECURE service for Websites, your site is scanned daily for thousands of hacker vulnerabilities. McAfee does this remotely, without any need for expensive or complicated hardware or software. Once certified to this high standard of security, McAfee SECURE service customers showcase their safety status by displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark.

Build Consumer Trust
According to a recent study from Harris Interactive, only about a third of consumers believe most websites are safe for shopping.1 That means the majority of online shoppers are looking for reassurance when they purchase online. The McAfee SECURE trustmark reassures those shoppers that their information will be safe.

Increase Sales Conversions
Improved trust leads to more sales. In a 2011 study, of the trustmarks shown, McAfee SECURE service for Websites increases confidence in 87% of shoppers.1 Online shoppers are more likely to become buyers when shown the trustmark, leading to more sales and lower customer acquisition costs.

Differentiate Yourself from Competitors
The McAfee SECURE service for Websites allows you to compete on something other than price. Use your impressive security to show that you are not just the affordable alternative, you're the secure choice. According to research firm Harris Interactive, 84% of online consumers continue to have some level of concern when providing personal information online.1

Improve Your Security
The McAfee SECURE service for Websites helps you avoid damaging security breaches and reduce operational anxiety by making sure your web infrastructure is as vulnerability free as it can be. According to Forrester Research, the cost of a major security breach can exceed $300 per compromised record when you tally the impact on brand image and the loss in customer confidence, along with the actual dollar amounts due in legal fees, call centers, and lost employee productivity.2

Concentrate on Sales and Marketing
With the majority of shoppers continuing to have some level of concern when providing personal data online, using the McAfee SECURE service for Websites helps you concentrate on the business of growing your business.

1.Information provided by Harris Research (conducted May 2011 for McAfee).
2.Source provided by "Motorola Helps Customers with PCI Solutions".

“I am without a doubt one of the most skeptical Internet marketers around. I don't believe marketing claims until I personally have the data to prove them. Based on my own rigorous testing and ongoing use of the McAfee SECURE service, I can wholeheartedly recommend it for increasing sales conversions and securing websites.”

Joel Holland, Chief Executive Officer,