McAfee One Time Password

McAfee One Time Password

Reduce costs associated with deployment and management of one time passwords for authentication

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McAfee One Time Password enables you to rapidly deploy two-factor authentication, including soft tokens, so that remote and mobile employees can securely access critical information while maintaining compliance. The password security offering includes strong two-factor authentication and streamlined deployment and management, reducing operational effort and costs associated with traditional and legacy one time password solutions.

Choose authentication methods based off of your business needs and requirements — Pledge Software Token, Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT), any OATH-based token, Legacy Tokens, SMS, email, and voice one time passwords.

Distribute Pledge Software Token with ease using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) — The desktop version of Pledge may be distributed with McAfee ePO software, and the mobile client is available for download from the different app distribution stores. This will reduce the time spent on logistics and administration.

Send one-time passwords through Short Message Service (SMS) — Use the McAfee SMS add-on to send one-time passwords. The McAfee SMS add-on is agentless, easy to use, and seamlessly integrates within the McAfee One Time Password server (available in specific countries).

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Features & Benefits

Migrate from Legacy Tokens

The token migration tool included in McAfee One Time Password enables you to have your new solution co-exist, phase out, or replace legacy token solutions with zero downtime.

Simplify administration

Get full control over the system with a web-based management dashboard to configure and monitor the status of your system. Enable self-service tools for end users and service desk with reset passwords, self-administrate, and self-enroll functionality to reduce administration complexity.

Prevent unauthorized access to critical systems with strong authentication

Eliminate unauthorized access by combining user-specific knowledge (user name and password) with a one time password code. With strong authentication, even leaked credentials will not be sufficient to contribute to malicious activity.

Gain flexibility and scalability to your authentication solution

Manage protection to applications on the fly without downtime or use the built-in cluster function for high availability. The One Time Password solution is deployed in organizations of all sizes, ranging from 10 to over 100,000.

Enable compliance where out-of-band authentication is required

Authenticate users with one time passwords sent through Short Message Service (SMS), voice, or email to support regulations, including Payment Card Industry (PCI) and others. Compliance may regulate the use of out-of-band methods.

Save time on deployment

By design, the McAfee One Time Password solution is easy to deploy compared to traditional legacy one time password management solutions and hard tokens. Installation and configuration, even for complex systems, can be done in minutes or hours (and not days or weeks).

Simplify administration

Get full control over the system with a web-based management tool, which allows users to reset passwords, self administrate, and self enroll.

Reduce administration cost with Software Token Pledge

Hardware tokens require heavy administration and logistics which raise costs. With the One Time Password Software Token Pledge, these costs are severely reduced.

Leverage Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT)

Use IPT to generate the one time password on the chip level for IPT-enabled processors.

Pledge Software Token

Pledge Software Token is available both as a mobile and desktop application to securely generate one-time passwords. Pledge may be distributed with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software. McAfee One Time Password comes with an enrollment service that may be used to migrate employees to Pledge and other two-factor authentication methods.

Instead of using a hardware security token when logging in, you simply use your mobile or desktop application. Using Pledge, you can log in securely to different applications. Additionally, you can customize the look and feel of the client to match your brand through an easy-to-use administration tool. Download Pledge now.

Key Benefits

  • Support for HOTP, TOTP, and OCRA algorithms
  • Pledge Desktop may be distributed via McAfee ePO software
  • No transaction costs for one-time passwords
  • No distribution of hardware tokens needed
  • Multiple profile support
  • Easy-to-deploy clients
  • Supports the large majority of mobile phone and desktop platforms

To try Pledge with McAfee One Time Password, begin with downloading the evaluation version of McAfee One Time Password.

System Requirements

Operating System Support

Microsoft Windows, Linux, Oracle (Sun) Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS X (including headless operating systems)

User Database Support

  • LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory, Oracle (Sun) Directory Server, Novell eDirectory, Siemens DirX, OpenDJ)
  • SQL via JDBC or ODBC (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL)

Software Token Pledge

  • Pledge App: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Java ME, Windows Phone
  • Pledge Desktop: Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux



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Learn how McAfee One Time Password enables scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to work around the clock, without experiencing any issues authenticating.

Learn how the one time password solution keeps personal and confidential information safe in the digital world.

Pat Calhoun, SVP & GM of Network Security at McAfee explains why your business needs McAfee One Time Password.

Reduce costs associated with deployment and management of one time passwords for authentication

Learn how McAfee One Time Password works to secure critical information and prevent unauthorized access.

John Wiley & Sons has been running McAfee One Time Password for more than three years with zero downtime. Discover how it was able to deploy One Time Password in just 30 days.

Integrations & APIs

Integrate McAfee One Time Password with VPN and remote desktop solutions

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McAfee One Time Password can be integrated using VPN/RADIUS, Java and .NET/COM APIs, and on-demand web services. Most VPN/RADIUS-aware products can integrate without any installation, since the One Time Password server can act as a RADIUS server. Simply configure the VPN/RADIUS product and the One Time Password server, and the integration is complete. By using the APIs it is possible to add strong authentication to your custom applications.

Download modules and instructions.

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Customer Stories


Thanks to McAfee One Time Password the customer AceIQ can help clients achieve a more efficient and versatile working environment while focusing on resource management, availability, and security.

  • Presents the ability to generate one-time passwords within the device without requiring a connection
  • Offers flexible two-factor authentication for any IT environment and any delivery method


McAfee One Time Password helped Cloudalize secure the Cloud with Strong Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Grants customers the ability to self-enroll software tokens on their favorite mobile devices in seconds
  • Delivers easy integration with Citrix NetScaler and Cloudalize’s end-user and reseller provisioning portals


Hughes partnered with systems integrator Axiad IDS to design and launch the Hughes Secure Remote Access service, in which the McAfee One Time Password server is the system for two-factor authentication.

  • Iron-clad data protection through strong two-factor authentication.
  • Higher quality service through selfenrollment portal.
  • Reduction of 30% in support calls
  • Cost savings passed on to customers
  • Support of customers’ PCI compliance requirements

Swedish Social Insurance Agency

With the help of McAfee One Time Password Server, Swedish Social Insurance Agency has created a secure and user-friendly solution for a BYOD environment that is rare in the public sector.

  • Increase flexible access to information services results in improved productivity, lowered stress levels among employees, and better response times
  • Two-factor authentication to ensure same level of security as smart cards while giving employees greater flexibility to utilize their own devices without jeopardizing the agency network


Since McAfee One Time Password is an interoperable solution that comes with full support for most remote access solutions, ZorgSaam was able to integrate it easily within their environment.

  • Robust data protection through strong two-factor authentication
  • Same cost for 5,000 users as previous identity management solution cost for 400 users
  • Easily implemented and deployed
  • Flexibility to use multiple types of two-factor authentication


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Web technologies are found virtually everywhere the enterprise reaches and the web has become the preferred platform for business applications. But with this wholesale move of functionality to the web, security risks have increased as well. Organizations typically call upon two specific areas of technology to address these risks: threat defense and access control.

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Simplifying Cloud Access Without Sacrificing Corporate Control: A Review of McAfee’s Integrated Web and Identity Solutions

In this paper, SANS examined several new releases of McAfee’s web security and identity products, including: McAfee Web Gateway, McAfee Cloud Single Sign On, and McAfee One Time Password with Pledge Software Token. McAfee set up a test environment with a simple architecture that encompasses all the core security capabilities in a streamlined fashion.

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