McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage

Versatile antimalware protection for mixed NAS environments

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McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage ensures business continuity by protecting network-attached storage devices against viruses and other malware. This high-performance scanning solution deploys on one or more Windows servers in affordable multifiler or high-availability multiscanner configurations to deliver the power of parallel processing for optimal load balancing and flexible failover protection.

Advanced antivirus technology — Continuously blocks a wide range of viruses and malicious code threats, including those hidden in compressed files. Advanced heuristics and generic detection find even new, unknown viruses.

Detect unwanted programs — Find hidden spyware programs that track Internet use, access personal data, and open security holes.

Reduce administration time — Centrally manage your entire security system with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) platform. It delivers complete management from a single console.

Receive rapid notification — Stay informed whenever a virus is detected via email, pager, SNMP, SMS, or Tivoli.

Multi-vendor NAS protection — Simplify your environment and reduce support costs with an award-winning solution that secures multiple storage systems vendors, devices, and operating systems.

Features & Benefits

Get broad, proactive protection

Defend against a wide range of malware and other threats, including new, unknown viruses.

Block threats before they are stored

Use unique on-access scanning technology to protect NetApp filers while files are being accessed, copied, or written to the server.

Ban unwanted programs

Keep users and filers safe from hidden programs that open security holes and access personal information.

Optimize security and performance

Deploy multiscanner to multifiler configurations that increase your load-balancing capacity and failover security.

Block script-type threats

Detect and prevent script-type threats that exploit JavaScript or Visual Basic.

Gain simplified, centralized management

Control and manage your entire security system with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) platform. It delivers complete management, including detailed graphical reporting, from a single console.

Receive real-time threat protection

Protect data from malware before signatures are developed with included McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) integration.

Standardize on a solution that supports multiple NAS vendors

  • NetApp Storage Devices running Data ONTAP 7.x and 8.x
  • IBM N Series running Data ONTAP
  • IBM StoreWize V7000 Unified System
  • IBM Sonas
  • HP StoreAll Storage
  • Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems
  • Sun StorageTek 5320
  • EMC Isilon
  • Dell EqualLogic FS76x0
  • Dell Compellent FS8600
  • Network Appliance Flier AV Scanner
    • Hitachi NAS power by BlueArc 2100/3080/3090
    • Hitachi Virtual File Platform: Entry Model, Storage Model, Gateway
    • Hitachi Data Ingestor: Cluster, Single, VM
    • File OS version: 3.2.2 or later

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements. Actual requirements will vary depending on the nature of your environment.


  • 3 GHz server grade dual-core/dual processor with 2 GB RAM
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet link (1 Gbps recommended)

Operating Systems

  • 32-Bit OS
    • Windows 2008
    • Windows Server 2003 R2
    • Windows 2003
  • 64-Bit OS
    • Windows 2012 (McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage v1.0.3 & 1.1.0)
    • Windows 2008
    • Windows 2008 R2
    • Windows Server 2003 R2
    • Windows 2003


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher


  • 4 GB RAM

Free Disk Space

  • 20 MB after installation
  • 45 MB during installation

Network Interface

  • 100/1,000 Mbps Ethernet


  • CD-ROM drive or Internet connection


Data Sheets

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.

Solution Briefs

Secure Network-Attached Storage

McAfee offers cost-effective solutions for securing your data, files, and peace of mind, no matter how large or how diverse your storage environment.



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