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Security services that uncover vulnerabilities from every angle

McAfee Foundstone offers a wide range of security assessment services that can be customized to meet your business needs. No other professional services organization matches the breadth and depth of Foundstone’s offering, which includes both enterprise-wide programs and individual core services.

Foundstone employs a proven engagement methodology to meet your business and risk management goals. Comprehensive and time-tested, Foundstone’s methodology identifies where your organization is vulnerable, not just where your network is weak. Our offerings include both Infrastructure Assessments and Software and Application Security Services.

Infrastructure Assessments

Cloud Computing Readiness Check

McAfee Foundstone’s Cloud Computing Readiness Check designs, implements, and assesses cloud solutions, ensuring that security provided by the cloud vendor meets your security requirements.

Cloud Computing Security Assessment

Evaluate the security of your cloud-based solution. McAfee Foundstone’s Cloud Computing Security Assessment eases the transition to cloud-based services and assures your customers and business partners that your cloud solution is secure.

External Assessment

Identify network vulnerabilities with the greatest risk to your enterprise.

Firewall Security Assessment

Keep intruders out. Foundstone's detailed firewall analysis guards against misconfigurations, poor policies, and faulty deployment architectures to protect your most critical assets.

Host Security Configuration Assessment

Protect critical servers. Foundstone evaluates the security of servers, verifying defenses for operating systems and devices, and identifying vulnerabilities that cannot be detected through network assessments.

Internal Assessment

Secure internal network infrastructure. Foundstone tests potential points of attack and identifies vulnerabilities with the greatest risk to your enterprise.

IPTV Security Assessment

Secure your IPTV technology from spam, content theft, and hackers, and comply with industry best practices.

Mobile Security Assessment

Uncover mobile vulnerabilities. Foundstone analysis identifies improperly secured mobile devices to guard against unauthorized access to your corporate network.

Modem Security Assessment

Minimize remote access risk. Foundstone identifies insecure modems, analyzes security configurations, and reviews policies that reduce risk.

Network Architecture Assessment

Improve your security foundation. Foundstone evaluates the security of your network architecture to identify all vulnerabilities and keep intruders away from critical assets.

Physical Security Assessment

Align physical security with your overall risk management strategy. Foundstone performs physical inspections of facilities and analyzes threats and exposures, boosting security and fortifying business continuity planning.

Secure Virtualization Implementation Services

Secure your virtual infrastructure. Foundstone uncovers vulnerabilities that present risks to your virtual infrastructure and boosts compliance with industry best practices.

Social Engineering

Safeguard information systems from exploitation. Foundstone's customized tests evaluate the human element in protecting critical data.

Virtual Infrastructure Security Assessment

Uncover security vulnerabilities in your virtual infrastructure. Foundstone evaluates the architecture, configuration, and management of your virtualized environment to identify gaps with industry best practices and lower risk.

VoIP Security Assessment

Address VoIP security risks and meet compliance requirements.

VPN Security Assessment

Keep hackers off your Virtual Private Network. Foundstone ensures true end-to-end security to safeguard your critical internal network.

Wireless Network Security Assessment

Boost wireless network security. Foundstone evaluates access points, seeks out weak security controls and rogue devices, and implements security policies that minimize wireless risks.

Software & Application Security Service

Application Threat Modeling

Identify and fix security problems early in the software development cycle. Prevent implementing insecure software, gain efficiencies, and lower costs with Foundstone's application threat modeling services.

Avionics Security Assessment

The McAfee Foundstone Avionics Security Assessment — part of the Intel Security product and service offering — is designed to give you peace of mind that your avionics network is analyzed and fortified to reduce risk.

Embedded Systems Assessment

The McAfee Foundstone Embedded Systems Assessment — part of the Intel Security product and service offering — is designed to reduce risk by discovering security vulnerabilities in your embedded systems. It’s based on a proven methodology used by skilled consultants trained to analyze the critical components of any embedded system.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Assessment

Find security holes in IVR systems before hackers can compromise your systems.

Mobile Application Assessment

Improve the security of mobile applications. McAfee Foundstone identifies security holes in production mobile applications before hackers can exploit vulnerabilities, quantifies risks, and provides mitigation recommendations.

Software Security Maturity Assurance (SSMA) Assessment

Evaluate, implement, and improve current software security programs and practices — for individual projects, in a single business unit, or across an entire organization.

Source Code Security Assessment

Improve application security. Foundstone assesses source code for design flaws and implementation bugs to find policy and best practice violations that lead to vulnerabilities.

Thick Client/Binary Application Assessment

Discover your applications' vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit the weaknesses.

Web Application Penetration Assessment

Improve the security of your web applications. Foundstone identifies holes in production websites before the hackers can exploit vulnerabilities, quantifies the risks to your business, and provides mitigation recommendations.

Web Services Security Assessment

Identify threats, vulnerabilities, and risks in your organization’s web services infrastructure with this comprehensive security assessment.

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