Firewall Security Assessment

Get a comprehensive firewall analysis

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Perimeter and network security is the first line of defense in many organizations. Firewalls are a mandatory component of network security. However, misconfigurations, poor policies, and faulty deployment architectures can lead to a false sense of security. Foundstone network security consultants help clients by performing detailed analyses on these critical components to ensure that malicious intruders do not gain access to corporate assets.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure your “front door” is locked
    Detailed analysis of your firewall protects against misconfigurations, poor policies, and faulty deployment architectures that can leave your enterprise vulnerable to intruders.
  • Comply with industry best practices
    Verify that device configurations are properly set for the highest level of protection.
  • Get next step recommendations
    Our deliverables include a Firewall Security Assessment Technical Report, an Executive Summary, and a half-day workshop that includes a Firewall Assessment Presentation.


During a Foundstone Firewall Security Assessment, our security consultants review device configurations and architectures, perform vulnerability scans as needed, and conduct interviews with firewall and network administrators. Device configurations are analyzed line by line to ensure that they conform to industry best practices applicable to the environment. Network diagrams and interviews with network administrators are conducted so that we can fully understand your network and its vulnerabilities.