McAfee Small Business SaaS Security Solutions

McAfee cloud-based Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are purpose-built for small businesses. Less expensive, more efficient, faster to deploy, and easier to manage than traditional on-premises solutions, McAfee SaaS solutions are proactively managed by McAfee’s team of security experts and deliver the same level of security used by our largest corporate customers. With McAfee security you get affordable, layered security that protects all your devices, email communication, and web traffic across all of your employees, regardless of their location. Not sure if SaaS security is right for you? Compare our SaaS and on-premises solutions.

Features McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection

(PCs & Servers)

McAfee SaaS Endpoint & Email Protection

(PCs, Servers & Email)

McAfee Security for Business

(PCs, Servers, Email & Web)

Cybersecurity management from any Internet-connected device
Real-time security updates to block the latest threats
Antivirus to prevent, detect, and remove malicious software
Antispyware to block and remove software that changes computer settings or displays unwanted ads
Desktop firewall to stop hackers, viruses, and worms from reaching computers
Before-you-click website safety ratings
Host web filtering to enforce Internet usage policies
24/7 phone and online technical support
Anti-spam to remove unwanted email before it reaches inboxes
Email link scanning to detect malware and prevent phishing attacks
Guaranteed access to email, even during server outages
Email encryption to comply with regulations and protect corporate email
Web-based malware blocking to stop viruses, worms, and Trojans from installing on computers