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  • Free Mobile Apps = Compromises On User Safety?
    Alok Shukla - October 2, 2014

    Free mobile apps may introduce security risks that need to be addressed. While businesses need to find ways of monetizing when consumers are not ready to pay directly for using an app,  monetization mechanisms that involve the use of user data should be legal, secure and an informed choice. A bigger disussion follows. 80% of the […]

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  • McAfee Founds Cyber Threat Alliance With Industry Partners
    Vincent Weafer - September 29, 2014

    As the largest dedicated security vendor, McAfee’s goal is to help customers and consumers feel secure in the digital world. It’s certainly not simple, and it’s challenging to keep up with the bad guys. One way to do that is to match our adversaries’ aggressive drive to innovate with our own deeper commitment to collaborate […]

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  • Dealing with the Bash Bug
    Raj Samani - September 26, 2014

    By Brad Antoniewicz and Raj Samani Headlines across multiple media outlets are sounding the alarm on a new vulnerability affecting Linux and Unix systems. Nicknamed “Shellshock,” the vulnerability is said by some to have wider reach and impact than the recent Heartbleed vulnerability in April that, by some estimates, affected over million Internet-accessible systems.  For […]

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