McAfee Simplifies Security Management for French City’s Local Government

Saint-Nazaire is a municipality at the mouth of the Loire River in western France. The Mairie de Saint Nazaire is the local governing body, or city hall, that oversees daily operations for the city of Saint Nazaire, which has a total of 115,000 residents. Four people share responsibility for managing the network administration, information systems infrastructure, security, and email needs of approximately 1,600 employees and 800 desktops. Only one of these four, Gildas Huet, security and network administrator for the Mairie, manages information security.

Need for simpler, less time-consuming security administration
“Several years ago, we were using a major anti-virus provider’s software, but using it was too timeconsuming,” says Huet. “Its interface for monitoring endpoints was too complex and its statistics and reporting functionality was inadequate.”

The Mairie de Saint Nazaire turned to McAfee® VirusScan® Enterprise software to replace its previous cumbersome anti-virus software. Thanks to the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) central console, the solution was deployed quickly and easily across PCs and servers. “From the start, the McAfee ePO console made the McAfee software so much easier to use than our previous solution,” says Huet. “Automatic anti-virus updates, virus-free desktops, and less unwanted email means less time spent on security and more time to focus on other issues.”

However, protecting the City’s desktops and network was still taking up far too much of Huet’s time. Web filtering and email filtering solutions, each from a different vendor, added to Huet’s administrative workload. “Simply put, I needed a simpler, less time-consuming way to protect our desktops and network from viruses and malware, whether they originate via email or the Internet,” says Huet.

Email and web security plus desktop protection all from one console
Technology reseller Obaine showed Huet the McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance—a single, integrated appliance that defends against the two most common sources of security threats—email and the Internet. Much more than a spam filter, McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance combines marketleading email protection with content scanning, policy-based controls, and integrated web security. It leverages McAfee Global Threat Intelligence™ services to continuously provide the latest, proactive defense against both known and unknown threats.

“After using McAfee ePO to manage anti-virus protection, it was hard to resist the opportunity to manage email and web security from the same console,” says Huet. Consequently, Huet purchased two Email and Web Security 3200 Appliances, one for redundancy. As with VirusScan Enterprise, the Mairie’s reseller had the new systems up and running quickly, with zero deployment issues.

Easy-to-manage security simplifies tasks and frees up IT
With McAfee ePO software, Huet has one central console for managing both email and web security as well as desktop security—from monitoring virus interceptions and distributing new .DAT files to reviewing quarantined email. On the customizable McAfee ePO dashboard, graphs and charts show information, such as what percentage of systems have out-of-date signature files. Huet also customized McAfee ePO reports to show information by workstation name or IP address, for instance. “With McAfee ePO, I can tell at a glance which machines are well-protected and which ones aren’t,” says Huet. “It simplifies my job and frees up hours each week to focus on non-security issues.”

"Even though Internet usage has increased dramatically since we deployed McAfee for email and Internet security, time spent on management and administration has decreased. McAfee ePO is the secret; it simplifies management across the board. For other organizations our size, I’d highly recommend our McAfee solution."

Jacques Guillaume
Director of Information Systems

Mairie de Saint Nazaire

Safe surfing
Because McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance includes McAfee SiteAdvisor® web reputation technology, Huet no longer worries that users may inadvertently access websites that could allow viruses and malware access to their desktops. McAfee SiteAdvisor is an award-winning
technology that rates website reputations based on in-depth content inspection and site testing and advises your employees about risky websites before they visit them. Combining McAfee SiteAdvisor with URL filtering, McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance effectively warns or prevents users from opening malicious sites that host spyware, phishing scams, spamming agents, exploits, or inappropriate web content.

Slashing spam volume
In a typical month, the Mairie de Saint Nazaire receives two million spam email messages. Approximately 93 percent of inbound emails are spam. With the McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance, the vast majority of these emails are blocked based on reputation and authentication. “I’m not the only one who is happy about the reduction in spam, notes Huet. The Mairie’s users are thrilled that they no longer have to wade through junk to get to the emails that matter. “Even though Internet usage has increased dramatically since we deployed McAfee for email and Internet security, time spent on management and administration has decreased,” says Jacques Guillaume, director of information systems for Mairie de Saint Nazaire. “McAfee ePO is the secret; it simplifies management across the board. For other organizations our size, I’d highly recommend our McAfee solution.”

Mairie de St. Nazaire

Customer profile

Governing body for the City of Saint Nazaire, France


Local government

IT environment

Approximately 800 desktops and 90 servers


Protect desktops and servers from viruses, malware, and spam via email or the Internet


  • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise
  • Two McAfee Email and Web Security 3200 Appliances


  • Simplifies security management with single, integrated central console
  • Deploys quickly and easily
  • Frees up time to focus on nonsecurity issues
  • Significantly reduces spam