Delivering end-to-end networking security solutions for business-critical environments

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Brocade’s best-in-class networking solutions help enterprises build reliable, high-performance IP and application delivery infrastructures, laying the foundation for next-generation applications. Brocade provides comprehensive, end-to-end IP infrastructure solutions built on a wire-speed, non-blocking architecture that offers high levels of reliability, availability, and security in enterprise environments.

Together, McAfee and Brocade provide industry-leading networking and threat protection solutions for business-critical enterprise environments. Proven to protect against known and emerging threats while meeting compliance and reporting objectives, a Brocade/McAfee solution delivers end-to-end assurance for enterprise networking and security needs. From the edge of the network to the core of the data center, Brocade and McAfee offer scalable, reliable, and secure networking infrastructures that enable enterprises to:

  • Improve network uptime
  • Increase user productivity
  • Reduce business risk
  • Ensure compliance
  • Reduce complexity
  • Lower TCO
  • Expand business agility

About Brocade

Brocade (Nasdaq: BRCD) develops extraordinary networking solutions that enable today’s complex, data-intensive businesses to optimize information connectivity and maximize the business value of their data.

Global Technology Solutions

Brocade & McAfee Deliver Comprehensive Networking Security Solutions
Brocade and McAfee collaborated on a set of jointly designed, interoperable solutions developed specifically to address the networking security needs of enterprise customers. The Brocade/McAfee security networking solutions target the following areas:

  • McAfee Firewall Enterprise and intrusion prevention technologies operating with the Brocade NetIron MLX series of high-performance switches, which are optimally configured to defend large enterprise network cores against external threats.
  • Firewall scalability with Brocade ServerIron application controllers that load balance McAfee Firewall Enterprise technology, providing full protection against DOS and SYN attacks, and enabling high-performance, always-on, and secure firewall service.
  • Enabling the network infrastructure to take automated actions in response to security events generated from McAfee’s intrusion prevention and firewall solutions, with Brocade Ironview Network Manager through open standards network management protocols.