McAfee Email Gateway

McAfee Email Gateway

Total email protection for enterprises


McAfee Email Gateway consolidates inbound threat protection, outbound encryption, advanced compliance, data loss prevention, and administration into a single, easy-to-deploy and user-friendly appliance. As a comprehensive email security solution, Email Gateway can stand alone or work in tandem with McAfee SaaS Email Protection & Continuity as an integrated hybrid solution. It eliminates ineffective piecemeal defenses, simplifies multivendor security environments, and reduces operating costs — while significantly strengthening email security.

Email Gateway delivers:

Total inbound protection — Inbound protection goes beyond blocking spam. Email Gateway provides powerful antispam scanning technologies to identify and block incoming spam with over 99% accuracy. It also protects your network from malware, zero-hour threats, phishing, viruses, blended threats, directory harvest, denial of service (DoS), bounceback attacks, and spam surges.

Total outbound protection to keep your data secure — Available at no extra charge are encryption (push, pull, TLS, S/MIME, PGP) and built-in data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities that utilize the same text-matching dictionaries found in McAfee Data Loss Prevention — with the ability to scan over 300 document types. These compliance and DLP capabilities are fully used from the Email Gateway administrative interface or McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). Using sophisticated content-scanning technologies, multiple encryption techniques, and granular, policy-based message handling, Email Gateway prevents outbound data loss and keeps sensitive data secure.

Simple, powerful administration from within McAfee ePO — With Email Gateway, administrators can deliver superior email protection and document it with customizable, enterprise-class reporting, exportable report logs, real-time dashboards, and alerts. Email Gateway combines performance, scalability, and stability with a flexible delivery model to ensure maximum ROI.

A virtualized solution — The Email Gateway appliance is also available as a virtual appliance, so you can reap the benefits of virtualization. With lower costs than a physical appliance, a virtual appliance also provides maximum flexibility, including the ability to consolidate solutions on a single server.

Enhanced security powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) — McAfee GTI is a comprehensive cloud-based threat intelligence service. Integrated into McAfee security products, it works in real time, 24 hours a day, to protect customers against cyberthreats across all vectors — file, web, message, and network. McAfee GTI offers the broadest threat data, most robust data correlation, and most complete product integration in the industry. McAfee’s GTI network allows enabled products to evaluate threats on multiple vectors in real time, leading to faster identification of threats and higher capture rates. Email Gateway uses the message, network, and web reputation service to identify email messages carrying malicious payloads.

Security Connected integration for advanced malware detection — For the most sophisticated and targeted email attacks, integration with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense provides a closed-loop solution capable of eliminating the stealthy and zero-day malware often used to enter organizations through spear phishing. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense combines in-depth static code and dynamic analysis (sandboxing) to analyze the actual behavior of malware. A tight integration between Mcafee Email Gateway and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense enables this analysis to be conducted on suspect files attached to email, blocking those found to be malicious before they ever reach an inbox.

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Features & Benefits

Real-time Global Threat Intelligence defends against inbound and outbound malware and spam threats

Get quicker, accurate detection of spam, malware, malicious embedded URLs, zero-hour threats, and other email-borne threats with the network, file, web, and message reputation intelligence from the breadth of McAfee security devices around the globe. Get protected from directory harvest denial of service (Dos) bounceback and spam surges. A dual antivirus solution addresses defense-in-depth compliance requirements, while eliminating licensing costs and management with this built-in functionality. The second antivirus engine may be turned off, or turned on for exhaustive scanning or in optimized mode, where it scans only those that pass through the McAfee antivirus engine.

Integration with Advanced Threat Defense stops sophisticated malware used in spear-phishing attacks

Gain the most in-depth malware detection capabilities available through a tight integration between McAfee Advanced Threat Defense and McAfee Email Gateway. Advanced Threat Defense uses advanced static code and dynamic analysis (sandboxing) to provide the most detailed assessment and data on malware classification. Stealthy malware and zero-day threats are packed or obfuscated to evade detection, and Advanced Threat Defense employs strong unpacking to break through evasive techniques, enabling thorough analysis and accurate classification. These two solutions work together to find sophisticated attacks and freeze them in their tracks, removing malicious email messages without the need for manual intervention by overworked network operators or security analysts.

Use graymail filtering to further reduce unwanted email

Unwanted mail could be legitimate bulk mail that was once solicited by the user, but now no longer wanted (i.e., industry newsletters and notifications), and may represent a significant nuisance to recipients. By using graymail filters, administrators can set graymail policies for individuals or groups, and even permit end users to enable this capability to keep mailboxes clear of graymail.

Keep your emails from prying eyes, while keeping your deployment simple

Eliminate the need to source, manage, or integrate a separate encryption product. Built-in, policy-based email encryption supports a wide user base, and includes a combination of B2B (TLS, S/MIME, OpenPGP) and B2C (push, pull, push and pull) technologies. Enable your recipients to receive and reply to secure email, even if they do not have encryption capabilities in place.

Reduce risk of exfiltration by leveraging extensive built-in compliance templates

Take advantage of flexible policy creation and enforcement, plus enterprise-class logging and real-time dashboard and reporting capabilities, to simplify administration and compliance workloads while lowering costs. Email Gateway includes over 114 compliance templates, the same as those in McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP), to support GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, and other compliance mandates.

Keep structured and unstructured data secure

Prevent data loss with the industry’s most extensive on-box email DLP capabilities. Fingerprinting, lexical analysis, and clustering techniques supplement keyword and pattern matching to detect both structured and unstructured data. Policy-based message handling then prevents outbound data loss. These industry-leading email content analysis tools provide the tightest control of sensitive content in any form to aid compliance with many state, national, and international regulations. Keep your data secure by filtering beyond Microsoft and PDF documents and scanning over 300 document types. Email Gateway can also integrate with McAfee DLP Prevent to enhance the solution’s ability to correctly identify sensitive data and assist in its safe handling, minimizing risk.

Gain deployment flexibility for peace of mind

Reap the benefits of an integrated hybrid solution with Email Protection. It eliminate costs of paying for two solutions to cover your email security, eliminate the inefficiencies of a patch-worked hybrid solution, or take a step towards leveraging the benefits of a cloud-based solution. Choose Email Protection to implement an integrated hybrid solution that gives you the best of the Email Gateway appliance with McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity to give you the best of both worlds, all through a single pane of glass management and reporting interface. Block malware and filter spam in the cloud, away from your network, to save bandwidth cost and protect sensitive data with on-premises Email Gateway (virtual appliance, hardware appliance, or blade server) for encryption, flexible policy creation, and data loss prevention.

System Requirements

Deployment flexibility is a hallmark of McAfee Email Gateway. You can deploy it as a virtual machine, hardware appliance or on a blade server architecture that sits in front of an existing email server.

Virtual Appliance

These are minimum hardware requirements for the virtual appliance. Actual requirements will vary depending on the nature of your environment.

You can use McAfee Email Gateway in a virtual environment with these platforms:

  • VMware ESX 4.1 or later
  • VMware Player

Hardware Appliances

A complete range of enterprise and medium-capacity appliances offers affordable protection and scalability for the most demanding business messaging environments.

Please see the McAfee Email Gateway Appliance Hardware Specifications sheet for additional details about the EG4500 and EG5500 appliances.

Blade Server

The McAfee Content Security Blade Server is a self-contained device. For additional product specifications, see the Content Security Blade Server data sheet. Watch the demo and learn how Content Security Blade Server solves the complex problems of infrastructure security by using a single appliance from a single vendor.

Demos / Videos


The majority of successful attacks on businesses begin with a phishing email. ClickProtect, a feature of McAfee Email Protection, uses the McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware engine to detect malicious content behind URLs found in email messages. This demonstration walks through how to configure ClickProtect, and shows several examples of what an end-user will experience with this feature enabled.

This demo will show you how to configure ClickProtect in three simple steps. ClickProtect is the click-time link scanning feature in McAfee Email Protection that helps you elevate your level of protection against phishing and advanced malware.

This demo shows administrators how to quickly locate email messages using McAfee Email Protection.


For guidance on how to use this McAfee product, watch the Quick Tips video listed above.

For guidance on how to use Email Gateway, watch this Quick Tips video.

Awards / Reviews

Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways, 2015

Gartner recognizes Intel Security as a visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways, as published on June 29, 2015.

SC Magazine Reader Trust Award
McAfee Email Protection Named Winner of SC Magazine Reader Trust Award

The Reader Trust Award is unique because it represents the voice of the people who are using these products and services every day,” says Illena Armstrong, vice president of editorial at SC Magazine. “McAfee Email Protection was chosen as the Email Security winner for its ability to meet and exceed the needs of its customers.

Readers’ Choice Award
McAfee Email Protection Named Email Security Readers’ Choice Award Winner

Readers’ Choice Award winners are selected based on an extensive, in-depth survey of Information Security magazine and readers. It includes over 1,700 information security executives and managers, who are asked to assess and rate products deployed within their organizations from a listing of more than 400 products spanning 22 product categories. McAfee Email Protection was awarded best email security.

SC Magazine 5-star
McAfee Email Protection Awarded 5-stars by SC Best Buy Recognition, 2014

For the third year in a row, McAfee Email Protection earned SC Magazine’s Five-Star Rating. “Strengths: ClickProtect and Threat Detection features are great additions to an already full-featured email security platform.”

SC Magazine Innovator
McAfee and McAfee Email Protection Named as Industry Innovator by SC Magazine, 2013

SC Magazine has named McAfee and McAfee Email Protection as an Industry Innovator.

CRN Ranks McAfee in their 2013 Top 25 Best Companies to Partner With
CRN Ranks McAfee in their 2013 Top 25 Best Companies to Partner With

Ranked by IT solution providers (SPs), CRN Research ranks the Top 25 must-have technology suppliers from a list of nearly 230 companies in 12 product categories that SPs need to consider when formalizing their partnerships today and for the future. 1,000 unique SPs of all types and sizes were surveyed.

SC Magazine Best Buy
McAfee Email Protection Gets 5-stars and SC Best Buy Recognition, 2013

For the second year in a row, McAfee Email Protection earned SC Magazine’s Five-Star Award and Best Buy Rating. “Strengths: Easy to configure and manage, and loaded with predefined templates for security and compliance. Weaknesses: None that we found.”

McAfee: 2013 Top 20 Coolest Cloud Security Vendors
McAfee Named One of the 20 Coolest Cloud Security Vendors by CRN, 2013

Established security player McAfee has embraced cloud security that includes protection for email, web, and identity authentication traffic.

SC Magazine Innovator
McAfee and McAfee Email Protection named as Industry Innovator by SC Magazine, 2012

What does characterize McAfee as an Innovator is its approach to the most important aspect of innovation: how one thinks. The Network Security Business Unit — the home of McAfee Email Protection — is solidly ensconced in the type of thinking process that results in innovative solutions to difficult, and occasionally obscure, information assurance challenges.

Forrester Research Named McAfee a Leader in "The Forrester Wave: Email Content Security, Q4 2012"

Premier analyst firm Forrester Research, Inc. has named McAfee a leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Email Content Security, Q4 2012.” We consider this a testament to the strength, stability, flexibility, and effectiveness of McAfee’s email protection solutions.

SC Magazine Best Buy
McAfee Email Protection Gets 5-stars and SC Best Buy Recognition, 2012

The Holy Grail of IT products is one that is low cost, easy to use, and offers a rich feature set. McAfee Email Protection easily fits those criteria in the email security and content filtering space. Verdict: An absolutely brilliant product. We make it our Best Buy.

McAfee Named One of the 20 Coolest Cloud Security Vendors by CRN, 2012

The Intel-owned security company has been preaching cloud security measures since before the cloud truly formed. McAfee’s central cloud piece is the Cloud Security Platform, which secures content and data—e-mail, Web and identity—as it moves to and from the cloud.

SC Magazine 2012 Awards Finalist
McAfee Email Protection Named a Finalist (Best Email Security 2012) by SC Magazine

McAfee Email Protection was selected as a finalist for SC Magazine’s Best Email Security award. The category highlights products that address the ability to exchange email messages securely, ensure the privacy of messages, and more. McAfee Email Protection was evaluated on its effectiveness, manageability, non-intrusiveness, ease of use, and other factors that impact the implementation.

SC Magazine 2011
McAfee Email Protection Earns Prestigious 5-Star Rating from SC Magazine, 2011

With five stars across the board in every product rating category, McAfee Email Protection was awarded the top 5-Star Rating by SC Magazine – measured on its features, ease of use, performance, documentation, support and value for the money.

SC Magazine 2009 Awards Winner
McAfee Email Gateway Wins Best Email Security Solution, 2009

SC Magazine says McAfee Email Gateway is “a true market leader.”

Virus Bulletin
McAfee Email Gateway Receives VB Spam Gold Award, 2009

In a recent test, Virus Bulletin says, “This was the only product in the test that was configured to scan the contents of incoming email during the SMTP transaction and block those emails it was certain were spam. ... Helped by this two-layered blocking, the product’s spam catch rate of 99.60% was higher than that of any other.”

Customer Stories

Arab National Bank

Arab National Bank, one of the largest banks in the Middle East, relies on McAfee data protection and endpoint security solutions to protect sensitive data across multiple locations and comply with financial regulations.

  • Reduces manpower required to manage endpoint security from six people to two
  • Accelerates deployment of data loss protection—70 percent faster than competitive solutions
  • Cuts administrative reporting from several days to minutes
  • Saves $152,000 in reduced manual intervention, thanks to integration with third-party security solutions

Eagle Rock Energy

Eagle Rock strengthens its security infrastructure with the addition of new security management and network security solutions.

  • Integrated security architecture paves the way for business expansion.
  • Comprehensive threat detection ensures that security events from every source are noted and logged.
  • The combination of McAfee Web Gateway and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense thwarts inbound threats from the Internet.
  • Intrusion prevention monitors both external and internal activity.



McAfee and McAfee Email Protection Named as Industry Innovator by SC Magazine, 2013

SC Magazine has named McAfee and McAfee Email Protection as an Industry Innovator.

Data Sheets

McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.

McAfee Email Gateway Hardware Appliance Specifications

For technical specifications on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.

McAfee Email Gateway

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.

McAfee SaaS Email Security

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.

Comparison of Leading Email Encryption Techniques

This specifications sheet introduces some common considerations and its benefits and challenges for each of the leading email encryption techniques available.


Phishing Deceives the Masses

See the 2014 results of the McAfee Phishing Quiz, an online assessment of business users’ ability to detect phishing emails. This data spans from over 30,000 respondents in 49 countries.

Go Hybrid with Your Email Security

Data confidentiality is often cited as a reason not to move email security to the cloud, but there is a solution. Learn how an integrated layered email security approach is helping organizations be more secure, operationally efficient, and cost efficient all without sacrifice to confidentiality.

To Click or Not to Click, That is The Question

Deceiving email users to click on links is one of the most successful tactics in phishing scams. Learn how widespread this threat is and how a user’s knowledge is reflected in their actions.


Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways

Gartner recognizes Intel Security as a visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways, as published on June 29, 2015.

[Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.]

Phishing Deceives the Masses: Lessons Learned from a Global Assessment

This report reviews the lessons learned from the McAfee Phishing Quiz. At the time of this report, over 50,000 business users in 49 countries have completed the quiz and the results are enlightening.

Solution Briefs

Advanced Threat Defense for the Email Gateway

Email is a vital communication vehicle for just about every business these days—and it is also a key threat vector for cybercrooks who are looking to steal valuable data or execute inbound attacks. As part of our unified, integrated Security Connected framework, McAfee Email Gateway and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense work together to find and freeze new, unknown, and stealthy advanced threats. For a complete end-to-end solution, add McAfee Real Time to the mix to quickly identify and fix systems impacted by advanced malware.

Abuse of Trust

Attackers prey upon the institution of trust in many ways, with exploiting unsuspecting victims the primary pursuit. Learn how McAfee security technology can help protect against attacks seeking to abuse the trust your company has in its day-to-day operations.

Hybrid Email Security: Maintain privacy while gaining benefits of the cloud

Information confidentiality and reduced configuration flexibility are often cited as reasons for not taking advantage of cloud-based email security. This brief discusses how hybrid security can enable organizations with these concerns to enjoy the benefits of the cloud without sacrifice.

McAfee Delivers Comprehensive Threat Protection for the Financial Services Industry

This solution brief explains how the McAfee Security Connected approach provides advanced threat protection for the financial services industry and prevents targeted attacks.

Strengthen the Security of Office 365

Learn about how McAfee Email Protection solutions can be implemented with Microsoft Office 365 for a comprehensive, layered defense against threats.

SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Demystified: The what, why, and how of email sender identity technologies

This paper discusses the what, why, and how of email sender identity technologies. When properly implemented and incorporated into your email security strategy, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC can go a long way towards securing email, your most valuable communications tool.

White Papers

Best Practices for Dealing with Phishing and Next-Generation Malware

To combat phishing attempts and next-generation malware, organizations of all sizes should consider a variety of issues related to security. This Osterman white paper shows trends in how malware infiltrates organizations, efficacy of security technology and user training, and a variety of actions that organizations should undertake.

Best Practices for Migrating to Office 365

This white paper is intended to help decision makers understand the implications of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 and offers practical advice for doing so. It also provides data from a survey of current and prospective Office 365-enabled organizations conducted specifically for this white paper in March 2015.

Microsoft Office 365 for the Enterprise: How to Strengthen Security, Compliance and Control - Osterman Research

Despite the range of functionality offered in Office 365, like any cloud-based offering, it cannot be all things to all customers. There are some missing features in Office 365 that will prompt some customers to consider the use of third-party, cloud-based, or on-premise tools to enhance Office 365’s native capabilities. In this white paper, Osterman Research dives into the current limitations of Office 365 with recommendations on how organizations can strengthen security, compliance, and control in their environment.

How Cybercriminals Make Money With Your Email

Learn about the key issues that organizations should address in the context of cybercrime delivered through email, and practical advice on what organizations should do to protect themselves.

Three Steps to Get Started with Email DLP

This white paper discusses the need to identify and manage outbound content and the steps that organizations should consider in doing so.




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