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Protection for your most critical assets

McAfee Firewall Enterprise is an advanced network firewall that protects critical assets and networks through the most secure connection method available. Using an advanced proxy-based technology, a direct connection between the external and internal network is never allowed. By establishing network connections on behalf of the endpoint and absorbing incoming attacks, McAfee Firewall Enterprise limits exposure to critical assets.

With advanced enterprise firewall capabilities, including application control, IPS, and global intelligence, McAfee Firewall Enterprise provides visibility and access control against unwanted traffic. Designed for the world’s most secure networks, McAfee Firewall Enterprise provides complete assurance that sensitive files remain secure.

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Maximum assurance for your critical assets

A network firewall that fights your battles

McAfee Firewall Enterprise absorbs inbound attacks on behalf of the endpoint and employs an advanced proxy-based connection. By never allowing a direct connection, your endpoints remain sheltered from network-borne attacks.

A legacy of uncompromised protection

Leveraging a hardened operating system, SecureOS, McAfee Firewall Enterprise provides unbreachable security while servicing high-security and military applications.

Multiple features—one platform

Streamline your network security posture and maximize IT visibility with application control, IPS, web filtering, antivirus, and geo-location.

Simple management

With built-in rule optimization and support for user identity, IT administrators get a streamlined user interface that helps configure security controls and policies across the organization.

Embrace Security Connected

See a holistic view of firewall health information and understand desktop and server security posture. Integration with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, our core SIEM solution, provides customizable views and reports for all network firewalls within an organization.


System Requirements

For detailed McAfee Firewall Enterprise appliance specifications, please see the system requirements.