McAfee Multi-Link

Ensure high-performance and always-available Internet connectivity

With our McAfee Multi-Link feature you can easily combine separate ISP connections into a high throughput and highly available Internet access solution so that you can significantly reduce connectivity costs.

All configurations are provided by the integrated McAfee Security Management Center and are completely independent of any setup or coordination requirements from the ISPs themselves.

VPNs can also use McAfee Multi-Link to balance traffic over all available connections. You can even combine Internet links and private WAN links to the same VPN so different paths back up one another. McAfee Augmented VPN provides detailed control over link usage when you need to make sure that some traffic needs to use specific links with guaranteed Quality of Service. In addition, failover times with Augmented VPN are much shorter than with solutions based on traditional dynamic routing protocols.

Key Benefits

  • For any type of network connection

    Supports all connectivity types to ensure inbound, outbound, and VPN traffic is optimally and securely delivered.
  • Integrated native NGFW functionality

    Supports other Next Generation Firewall features like clustering and load balancing, Quality of Service, evasion protection, and VPN.
  • Included with every McAfee Next Generation Firewall

    No additional licenses or fees required.

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