McAfee SaaS eLearning Training

Our eLearning courses are recorded tutorials that are available for you to launch and view on-demand. There are three types of eLearning training:

Courses:  Each instructor-led course is also available in an eLearning format, so you can attend training even if our course times do not fit within your schedule. The eLearning courses are comprised of one or more modules. For example, if you launch the Email Protection eLearning Course, you will find eLearning modules, including:

  • Domain Management
  • Creating Users
  • Email Protection Server Configuration and Disaster Recovery
  • Email Protection Policies

Some modules apply to more than one course (e.g., Creating Users), so you only need to watch those duplicate modules once when viewing multiple courses.

Modules: Our eLearning modules are applicable to administrator-level roles and include training on such things as a new release of the Control Console and changes in its functionality, or specific functionality, like how to create a group. 

End User:  End User eLearning modules show you how to perform user-level functions in the Control Console. They include training on how to access the McAfee SaaS Email Protection user account and manage quarantined mail, as well as how to search for and retrieve archived mail.

Note: End users will not have access to the Learning Management System (LMS). The administrator will access the LMS on the behalf of users and send them the link to access the end user eLearning recording.

To request an LMS account, send an email to with the following information:

  • Each participant’s full name
  • Each participant’s email address
  • The corporation name

Once your account has been verified, each participant will be registered in our LMS and receive an email from with their LMS login credentials.