Incident Response & Forensics

First responder security services to protect, detect, and remediate

The hacking community has evolved. Gone are the days of hackers breaking into networks for fun or notoriety. Today, organizations are experiencing targeted attacks with the goal of financial gain. In fact, financial fraud has overtaken virus attacks as the source of greatest financial loss. In the 2008 CSI Computer Crime & Security Survey, 43% of respondents reported suffering one or more security incidents over the past year. And this figure doesn’t even include those who had a security breach and didn’t know it.

Even with security incidents and losses on the rise, many organizations don’t have a plan in place to diagnose and handle a breach. While it’s unrealistic to have all the security controls to prevent every possible incident, an Incident Response (IR) Program allows you to respond quickly, and minimize damage and downtime when attacks and exploits occur. McAfee Foundstone takes a comprehensive and proactive approach to help you cover all the bases. The following service lines allow you to protect, detect, respond, and remediate.

Emergency Incident Response Services

Get immediate crisis response. Foundstone’s Emergency Incident Response (IR) Team investigates, assesses, and contains security breaches.

Forensic & Incident Response Education (FIRE)

Understand the techniques to identify, respond to, and recover from both insider and outsider attacks in this in-depth computer forensics course.

Forensic Investigative Services

Get immediate crisis response. Foundstone’s Forensic Investigation Team hunts down digital data and provides the investigative expertise and tools to answer your data breach questions.

Incident Response Partner Program

Handle your toughest security issues before they occur. Lock in incident response and forensic services at a discounted rate to ensure quick, cost-effective remediation.

Incident Response Program Development

Get expert guidance in building your incident response (IR) program. Foundstone’s cross-functional approach creates a custom plan for your organization that is easy to update.

SCADA Emergency Incident Response

Get immediate response to security breaches on your SCADA network. Foundstone first responders identify and contain the incident, offering instant remediation.

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