Network Architecture Assessment

Strengthen your security foundation

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Security is one the most important aspects of all new network designs. A secure network design allows for greater network segmentation, more detailed access controls, better logging and monitoring, and the removal of single points of failure. A network’s infrastructure and architecture security is the foundation for all of your security, so each network device must be well-secured and properly designed. In fact, many risks can be mitigated by implementing secure-by-design architecture.

Foundstone security consultants perform detailed analysis on current network architecture and identify all vulnerabilities by using a comprehensive three-phase approach to ensure that malicious intruders do not gain access to critical assets.

Key Benefits

  • Identify all network vulnerabilities
    Detailed analysis of the current network architecture uncovers security holes.
  • Ensure intruders don’t gain access to critical assets
    A three-phase approach to assessing the network keeps attackers out.
  • Get next step recommendations
    Deliverables include a Network Infrastructure & Architecture Security Assessment Technical Report, an Executive Summary, and a half-day workshop with a Network Infrastructure & Architecture Security Assessment Presentation.


The overall network architecture review includes assessing the current security technology and processes in your organization, evaluating the critical information assets in your infrastructure, and analyzing the security roles related to the infrastructure. Our process consists of interviews and documentation review. Foundstone can also use the knowledge of your infrastructure gained during other assessments.

During this assessment, Foundstone security consultants assess the security architecture of your company's infrastructure. Foundstone evaluates the current design structure of the various security control mechanisms in place to determine their effectiveness and alignment with your company's security goals. Our process takes a careful look at the strengths and weaknesses in your technical security architecture. Foundstone will examine the following components:

  • Key design assumptions
  • Technology inventory
  • Security administration procedures
  • Network topology
  • Network access controls
  • Host access controls
  • Authentication and access requirements
  • Administrative and maintenance channels
  • Business resumption and contingency preparedness
  • Technical and application architecture for providing customer services through web and associated channels
  • Reliance on third-party systems and products
  • Functional data flow (including security control points)

The components listed above are assessed in three primary phases:

  • Documentation review — Evaluate the current requirements, architecture, and design, for any design issues or exposures. This phase also includes a review of policies and processes related to network design.
  • Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing — Evaluate the security of each host by doing a network device vulnerability scan and penetration test.
  • Administrator interviews — Conduct an interview with the network administrator that focuses on industry best practices in infrastructure design, and validate the findings from documentation review, vulnerability scans, and penetration tests.

The last step in the process assesses how management addresses security monitoring, escalation, and follow-up procedures that provide your organization with preventative and adaptive security capabilities. This program includes:

  • Incident response requirements and solutions
  • A clearly-defined, rules-based escalation procedure for effective security incident response