McAfee Identity Management Solutions

As you do more business using cloud-based applications and data, the most vulnerable links in your network are your employees. They juggle multiple passwords for applications and then regularly forget them and call IT for help. Or worse. They use passwords that can be easily hacked, potentially putting your company data at risk. Your employees — whether they are at your corporate office, a branch, or working from home or on the road — need easy, secure access to cloud-based applications, data, and your network. McAfee offers complete identity and access management that simplifies and secures access to your business applications and network, with solutions that are easy to deploy, manage, and scale as your business grows.

Two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized access to company resources and systems. McAfee One Time Password uses software tokens, SMS, IM, email, and the McAfee Pledge mobile app to send unique, one-time passwords to users.

  • Protects in-house and remote employees
  • Deploys in minutes