McAfee Small Business Security Solutions

We understand that running a business in today’s environment is demanding. We also understand that 20% of cyberattacks are on firms with less than 250 employees. Now you can get the deep security solutions that today’s small businesses require, without needing deep staff or pockets. Simply choose the solution that fits you.

Up to 99 Employees

Purpose-built to protect your office — wherever it is.

100-250 Employees

Engineered for companies with IT infrastructure and resources.

About McAfee Small Business Security Solutions

Security doesn't have to be complicated, time consuming, or expensive. McAfee, the leader in small business security software, understands the needs of SMBs and has developed security solutions that provide the right protection at the right price. Our easily deployed and managed small business security solutions don’t require any additional investment hardware, so you can quickly secure your business even if you don’t have a dedicated IT staff. With SMB security from McAfee, you get complete small business antivirus and anti-malware protection, along with email and web security that defends your business from spyware, adware, hackers, Internet scams, ID theft, phishing schemes, and other online threats.

Choosing McAfee SMB security means less work for you and more protection for your small business. The cloud-based Security SaaS platform from McAfee manages and hosts your security, providing complete computer, email, and Internet security, while minimizing costs and risk. Our small business security solutions span endpoint, web, and email security, and include all-in-one suites that ensure your business has complete protection with a single product. You can also download a free 30-day trial of many of our products.

McAfee also offers on-premises security software that gives you affordable, layered security for your business. Identity management solutions offer an easier, cost-effective way to improve password strength, implement two-factor authentication, block unauthorized access to corporate resources, and implement single sign-on access to cloud applications. McAfee products are fully integrated security solutions that are always on guard and always up-to-date, protecting your employees regardless of where they log on. With small business security from McAfee, you get exactly what your growing business needs in a solution that is scalable and priced right. .