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Proteggersi da Pinkslipbot

W32/Pinkslipbot, a self-propagating malware family, steals personal and financial data from its victims, allows complete control of infected systems, and can spread to other systems in the same environment. Discover how to protect your systems from this malicious threat.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs

Tutela contro le app mobili colluse

Colluding mobile apps installed on the same device can exchange information and perform malicious acts. Learn how to secure mobile devices against data theft.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs

Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report (English)

Intel Security contributed to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, which provides a comprehensive analysis of data breach patterns seen in 2015.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs

How to Protect Against Ransomware (English)

Learn how Intel Security products leverage a number of technologies that help prevent ransomware.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs

Understanding Ransomware and Strategies to Defeat it (English)

In February 2016 the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, in Los Angeles, paid a ransom of about US$17,000 to hackers who infiltrated and disabled its computer network with ransomware. Learn how Intel Security products leverage a number of technologies that help prevent ransomware.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs

La messa in opera delle informazioni sulle minacce

Behind just about every legitimate alert your IT security receives is an adversary using multiple attack techniques to penetrate your infrastructure and compromise your vital data assets or systems. Today’s targeted multiphase attacks consist of a series of steps that make up the cyberattack chain: reconnaissance, scanning for vulnerabilities, exploitation, and, finally, exfiltration of valuable corporate data.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs

Bloccare i trojan backdoor

The Adwind Trojan that targets typically arrives as an email attachment or opens an infected Microsoft Word document. Find out how Intel Security products can protect against backdoor Trojans such as Adwind.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs

Proteggersi dalla manipolazione di firmware e BIOS

Policies, procedures, and products that can protect against firmware attacks.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs

When Evolution Turns Dark (English)

Learn how to protect against polymorphic worms like W/32Worm-AAEH.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs

McAfee Labs Rapporto sulle minacce: Novembre 2015

McAfee Labs’ quarterly analysis of key threat topics and trends.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs